999 - 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

999 : 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

You must have been watching some of the films that tells about some people who were arrested and then they are used as objects for clashing life and see who has the highest desire to live. Well, now you will get a chance to try the same feel to the film output in the latest game Aksys Games, 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. As already indicated in the title, this game is focused on the number nine. Suppose the number nine as a number of the most sacred and is a key freedom for the nine people who were caught here.

In this game, you will play as Junpei, a college student who had been kidnapped by a mysterious wearing a full face mask, so it can not be recognized at all. He was then taken into a boat, and he was faced with a number of puzzles that will determine the fate of him, whether he would live or ultimately will end tragically.

As you’ve read in the title, this game involves nine, nine doors and nine hours. Once the game is running not long (of course, after you pass some puzzles in the beginning), you will meet with eight other people who were also victims of abduction of the perpetrator or may be the same organization. Went up Junpei surprise, because it was among one of the kidnap victims, there is a childhood friend he had liked in the past. But since there was not able to express his heart’s content, the opportunity finally passed. Then if Junpei will be able to pass all the puzzles are given in this game? Will he survived the deadly game? Only one way to find out, which play their own game.

If you consider the game, actually this is a typical game based on mere written text. All you have to do here is make the right choice and find the right path. If it turns out in the end you make a mistake in selecting a room or anything, do not worry. Why is that? Because it is a game that has been designed in such a way, so it has several endings that you can get during the game. So what really makes this game interesting?

The answer to that is in the way the story is given to this game. Believe it or not, our editorial staff managed to taste the many unique information that can be learned from this game, ranging from chemistry to history-a history that may never be able to do you know when you are not looking in detail about the history of it. Not to mention the stories of each character are forced to follow the game can be quite dark. Not only that, even they all seem to have storylines that are adrift from each other. Not infrequently, the editors we got stunned by the fact that we found in this game.

In addition to having a high enough appeal in terms of storyline, but the puzzle is given also enough to make you twist your brain. Although sometimes, there are some puzzles which tend to be too easy, but that did not deter our editorial staff to continue this game. However, the really interesting our curiosity is actually who is behind this cruel game and what are the reasons that could kill the game is held?

In terms of dialogue and everything, as we have explained above, this game has some information that is very interesting to observe. One is about the tragic events that befell the Titanic as well as a variety of rumors never bersliweran everywhere associated with one of the most luxurious tourist ship ever made it. If you want to know what is said about the Titanic, our suggestion is that you try to play this game.

So far, we’ve managed to get two types of endings to the game. But the problem is, so far we still do not know the mastermind behind this abduction. That matter is now being encouraged us to play this game any further. Well, for you may already have some idea in your mind that when playing this game, then it means you have to repeat reread all the texts that have been there before, you do not need to worry. Because, all the text that you’ve read that you can not miss it without have to reread again, unless you are indeed interested and likes to reread what they’re talking about in this game Poker Online Terpercaya. A step that we think is ingenious, because it can avoid saturation in play for every gamer that exist.

The only drawback we found in this game is that the puzzles are given, sometimes too easy to pass and sometimes you do not need to bother thinking about what you should do. But once again we reiterate, it did not successfully deter us to continue to play one of the most exciting NDS games we’ve played this.

Last comments from us, for you who loves the game that need to play the brain, we highly recommend this game. In addition to having a unique storyline, you can also find a number of historical and enough information to educate and interesting to observe. In fact, each character has a past that was also enough to make you curious. So, what are you waiting? Come game play and discover who is behind this barbaric game.

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