Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

Aim, shoot and destroy !! Angry Birds 2 is actually quite sad for a game that is played by many, especially among children. Where you will shoot the angry birds towards the pigs and destroy it.

As in previous games, the herd came back to steal the eggs of birds. Actually quite strange too, for what the pigs stole the eggs? Are they going to eat it, or simply to daftar review online provoke the bird? Rovio might have a special background that makes the pig loves eggs. However, we are used to dispose of these thoughts and let’s enjoy the game.

Using the theme is similar to the previous version, you will be equipped with a slingshot or catapult weapon used to attack by redirecting the bird to destroy the pigs who took refuge disebuah building. As the first sequel, Angry Birds 2 created with graphics and better gameplay, so the game is still interesting to play.

So what makes Angry Birds 2 is more different? You will see a change in the stage and additional features Spell Card. Every stage will have a level of 2-3 or more that must be completed in order to finish the stage. Spell Card for yourself, you will get 5 pieces of different spells, and will get once you reach a certain level.

Additionally, you’ll get an infinite life. As long as you successfully complete each stage well, then there would be no life or reduced stamina. However, if you fail to finish,¬†link alternatif gamespools one life will be reduced, and it took 30 minutes to re-charge back. You will be given 5 life in the game. Means only provided 5 times retry for you to be able to finish the stage there to life back filled.

Let us know one by one the characters in Angry Birds 2. The first is Red, as the name implies, it is a red bird with the power of “roar” that could encourage the building with her screaming. Then there’s Chuck, segitga shaped and yellow, Chuck has the ability to “speed charge” which is able to penetrate buildings made of wood with ease.

Next is The Blues, a bird which has unique abilities. When thrown by a catapult, he was only one course. However, when you press, then he will issue his ability, namely splitting up into three tails. Blues is perfect when you want to demolish buildings made of ice.

Next is Matilda, shaped like an egg white, it also has the ability web alternatif gamespools to drop an egg that could explode. There is also a bird named Terence who have in common such as Red. But the difference is, Terence has a posture that is many times larger and capable of destroying everything in front of him.

Bomb become one of the birds that have destroyed the greatest, because he could detonate himself and devastated the buildings of the pig with ease. And the last is Silver. Looks like a hawk, he also has the same ability. That dip sharply and destroy buildings made of stone with ease.

In the game, you’ll only get to choose three of the birds listed in the lower left corner of the screen smartphone. Later, once the card has been used, then the other cards that queue will open. In addition, if you managed to fill up destructive gauge is full, you will get back a card or birds that have you used.

To Spell Card itself, you can choose to use or not before starting stage. Each card will give you a very high profit, and lets you get a three star rating.

There is a feature Arena if you’ve reached the stage 25. The Arena itself allows you to compete with players around the world in the endless level stage and is likely to get bird feathers which are useful as experience points each bird. There are 240 available at this stage, and will be added again waiting for the next update.

For its own in-app purchase, you can choose to be patient, or trying to be the best. Because, gem provided only can you use to replenish his empty life, and also cooldown in the arena. So, the choice is, buy gem available in the store, get a gem through daily quests, or wait for the cooldown is finished. Your choice.

The conclusion is, this game is very interesting in terms of gameplay that made us play the brain to complete each stage of having to choose which of the appropriate bird and also whether we need to use a Spell Card? Then with infinite life, we can continue to play without having to worry about stamina will be reduced each entered the stage.

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