Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers

Judging from the title of this game, we can guess that this game is the result of collaboration between two great companies that Rovio Entertainment and Hasbro. Combining the two big names is not an easy task, let alone most people already know exactly the types of games offered by the makers of Angry Birds game. By incorporating elements of Angry Birds Transformers in the game, let alone the type of games that will be presented? Let’s together we read a short review of this game yes.

This game is about the adventures of two groups: Autobirds and Deceptihogs daftar review (version Angry Birds on the “Autobots” and “Decepticons”) in which they must fight to save Piggy Island from the attacks of the mysterious EggSpark that converts live objects into Transformers and inanimate object into a tower that wants to destroy all there.

Unlike other collaborations belonging Rovio game, this game presents a side-scrolling action game. Which means every character we play will run from the left to the far right of the screen automatically. And we need to do is use our finger on the touch screen to indicate the target that we want to shoot. Its main target as usual is the pigs scattered in various locations on the screen. It looks quite easy and interesting right?

However, the main task of this game is not how much pork we shoot, but how the characters we play can safely reach the destination. There are various obstacles that are given by these games, one of which is that the tower could fall on us. With a running speed of our link alternatif gamespools character, almost certainly we can not escape from the towers. So how? Each character is given the features of ‘change’ as befits every character in Transformers. When they turned into the shape of vehicles, their speed automatic is greatly increased. Then there are the shield that can be used to protect us. And also features friends, where we can invite one of our friends to help (this feature requires an account Facebookmu).

The number of characters available today there are 11 pieces, of which 6 are from AutoBirds and 5 of Deceptihogs. At first we will play with the characters Red as Optimus Prime, where then we will free up other characters by collecting requirements. So far I’ve managed to liberate a few characters hell, because tricky to complete each mission there. Just like the birds in Angry Birds, the characters have different types of weapons, such as lasers at Optimus Prime or the SoundBlaster sound waves. In addition, the Transformers can be upgraded to increase Armor, Weapon and Vehicle which certainly helped us to resolve any existing tasks.

This game is not the same as the game Angry Birds as we know, a puzzle game that makes the birds as ammunition from a giant slingshot, but this game is a side scrolling situs alternatif gamespools action game, a genre that has never been presented by Rovio previously. For you who may have been bored solve each puzzle in each series Angry Birds can play this game as an alternative and adrenaline you with this highly dynamic game. Typical image Rovio is not in doubt, music and sound effects typical Angry Birds and Transformers are also presented in this game. So wait no more, good luck!

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