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Beyond Eyes

I quite often say that the role of video games as a medium increasingly growing. Game now is not limited role as entertainment, but also can be a medium to convey messages, both positive and negative, interactively.

One game that attracted my attention because of the message poker online indonesia to be conveyed is Beyond Eyes. Indie game developer made Tiger and Squid is about to awaken a sense of empathy for the blind. A very noble intentions and would be difficult to execute.

Then if the Eyes Beyond successfully convey a positive message through the media where the pleasure of playing remains one of the main elements? Find the answer below.

In Your Eyes Beyond will control a little girl named Rae. Rae lost the ability to see the result of an accident while playing. This drawback makes him no friends, at least until a cat that he named Nani appeared and accompany his days.

One time, Nani stopped coming to the house Rae. It makes Rae became concerned and decided to get out of the garden of his house and went looking for Nani alone. This is where the struggle Rae who do not have the ability to see tested. What are some things that await Rae out there? Eyes Beyond just by playing you can know.

As a game with the theme of blindness, quite ironic view of the fact that Beyond Eyes is a game that is very, very beautiful. This game look like a painting in a children’s book but tangible 3D. The beautiful combination of colors over white background light also supports possessed beauty of this game.

As Rae who can not see, Eyes Beyond making an extraordinary mechanism for presenting visual intelligent quality. The whole world seems bright white, except the parts around the body Rae or areas that have been passed Rae. The lack of visibility into the part that makes Beyond Eyes challenging, or sometimes too bothersome.

Interestingly, the game is also toying with the players perspective Rae perspective. For example there is the sound of the engine from a distance, then the gameĀ situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia will feature objects such as a car engine. As soon as the object is approached turns lawnmower, its form will change to adjust.

Speaking of sound, as the blind, the sound will be fairly important piece to help you find the way. Through creatures like birds, or the sound of water flowing river, you will be able to see the shape of objects without having to be nearby.

Eyes Beyond illustrate how the perspective of a blind is remarkable. Plus, the game is present so beautifully. Unfortunately, this positive Eyes Beyond just leave it at that.

Beyond saying Eyes as a sleeping pill is not a false statement, because often I fall asleep when playing this game. Why this game can be so boring? For me there are two main reasons are the cause.

The first start of the slow movement of Rae. Quite understandable if Tiger and Squid makes Rae moving slowly because he has to be careful when walking. But if a game with its main mechanism is running and exploration, making movement very slow and the level design feels like a maze is clearly a big mistake. In this case, Beyond Eyes do the same fatal mistake as done Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

The second mistake is how the game is not able to take advantage of something that he had. Beyond Eyes has a collection of extraordinary piano music quality, but this game is more often fill your adventure with natural sound and silence. Maybe Tiger and Squid accidentally do this because the sound is an important element in the exploration, but clearly this decision was entirely unhelpful Beyond Eyes become a game that is not boring.

Beyond Eyes is a game with intent and concept extraordinarily good. This game also has a visual quality and extremely beautiful music. Unfortunately all thisĀ Web Alternatif Pokerclub88 potential be left wasted with extraordinary gameplay boring and troublesome.

Beyond Eyes only lasted about two hours, but in that short time I’ve felt just wanted to quickly finish the adventure Rae very beautiful but boring. For the price offered now, I would not recommend Beyond Eyes thee. But if there is a discount of over 50% for this game, do not hesitate to enjoy its beauty.

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