Blacklight Retribution

Blacklight Retribution

Maybe you often play FPS games like Call of Duty, Battlefield or ARMA. From these titles, it can be expected that the quality of graphics and gameplay on offer must be good. Now, another thing when we talk about Free2Play game. It seemed rarely developer out there who dared to release a game with beautiful visual quality, but Zombie as the developer managed to do with the release of Blacklight Retribution (BLR).

Blacklight Retribution is a FPS game that uses the Unreal Engine 3 as its Development Kit. BLR also a sequel of Blacklight Tango Down was released in 2010. Tango Down itself is not a game that raised Free2Play as its business model and also do not receive a satisfactory response at that time. Is the game will also be released for the PS4 will provide better FPS experience than its predecessor? We consider the following review.

Blacklight Retribution has a setting in a sci-fi futuristic world. No story mode in this game, but you will plunge dealing with other players online. In this game, the player will be referred to as the agent who will be fighting in a binder with a capacity of 8 vs 8 which will have a wide variety of objectives such as Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and others like FPS games in general.

Shooting guns in the BLR was very fun. Buffeting arms and vibration effect feels very ‘right’ and realistic although still within the scope of the virtual. Control of the character is also very responsive so it becomes very fluid gameplay and supports the player to win the pure use of skill.

Things that make this game a little different from other games is the Depot and the CP (Combat Points). CP is a kind of score that you can later use to buy several kinds of items in depots during the battle. Almost all the action as you did during the game can give CP for it to contribute to your own team. For example, kill enemies, helping a friend kill enemies (assists), located close to the friends of your team (morale boost), capture the flag and others.

If you have enough CP, just use the depots that are already available to purchase the item. You can return the number of health or ammunition to its original state, buy a rocket launcher, katana sword or perhaps a large robot that can be driven. Yes, you can buy Hardsuit (robots) armed railgun and machine gun to wipe out your opponents. With the right strategy, the goods available at the Depot could be the ultimate weapon that could change the course of battle.

Unfortunately, this feature is often considered to make the game becomes one-sided, especially for the newbie who is familiar with the general standard FPS. Often there hardsuit spam or other items were deemed to make the game unfair to beginners. Depot also sometimes review games online rarely used by the newbie, because they are often confused by the way its use and indeed the explanation is only available when training alone.

The agent will also be equipped with the HRV which is a feature that is very vital in this game. By enabling HRV, then you can view through the wall for some time and you can see the enemy that hides behind walls or in far away though. This is very useful for agents who often camping or to avoid the agent who was driving Hardsuit.

HRV also be used to guide you to target the agent you want to beat. However, while using the HRV you will not be able to use weapons at all and do not forget that your enemies can also use HRV. So, to use this HRV effectively, you should have a strategy and a precise calculation if you do not want to directly gunshot without resisting.

Other gameplay features owned BLR is a fairly deep customization and fun. The appearance of your agent you can set quite freely ranging from helmets, armor and leggings. By replacing your gear, then the status of the agent will also be changed either from the running situs alternatif gamespools speed or the amount of armor and health. You can also change the color of the gear used with camo options are available, although it has no impact whatsoever on the status that you have.

However, the main feature of the BLR is the weapon customization: Main weapons and sub weapons. Ranging from the type of weapon, muzzle, barrel, even stock (depending on the type of weapon) you can change and you can feel the difference. Every part of the weapon having its own effect on the overall status of the weapon. You can make a small assault rifle with a recoil electric or submachine gun loaded with high firerate and super lightweight. Weapons of any kind, it’s all up to yourself.

The items in Depot you can also change. Not limited to the default option, you can also enter the turret, minigun, or airstrike as an option in the Depot. Unfortunately, it can only be you do when you’ve bought the items in the market.

In the BLR is also a term hero, namely the pre-made characters complete with their weapons, which unfortunately can not be customized. They are an alternative if you are already saturated with homemade character. The hero is already equipped with their own unique weapons and have a different status as well and thus require a different way of playing well.

For example, Grendel is a hero heavy, so he has the speed to run slower but has better armor than the other hero. Well, if you’re interested in using one of the available heroes, certainly you also have to buy it.

Even so, do not worry. This game has a free hero rotation per week so that you can try out a character that has been determined to be free of that week. Oh yes, this rotation is also the case for the choice of weapon receiver, so you can try various types of weapons to the front and start thinking about what type of weapon you should make.

Graphics in BLR looks very remarkable though is F2P. Zombie as the developer seems to be no half measures in using the Unreal Engine 3 to create this game. Many settings such as ambient occlusion, post processing, DoF can be set in the video options shows how high-quality graphics that can be produced. By mid-class graphics card today, it may be rather difficult to achieve smooth gameplay without the slightest hiccup in the highest graphics settings.

At the moment the game starts, you can feel the experience of fighting in the future is very exciting. The explosion of grenades feels quite realistic quality thick smoke particles. Spark out of the muzzle is not felt just drenched by a spark that could cover your eyes if not careful firing guns. Which became my favorite is the effect flashbang not fill the screen with white color, but make you become like a computer screen you are in contact with the blue screen. I still often panic when that happens …

Level design, object, character or weapon can also be spelled situs alternatif gamespools out very well. Feel cyberpunk that can be understood and trusted by successfully displayed with attractive eyes. The number of lights on armor or helmet, geometric forms typical sci-fi and highly precise staining adds to feel ‘future’ when the eyes are on the screen.

Despite having beautiful graphics, BLR have the little flaws in the interface. The response of each button in the menu feels slow. By the time the game starts, the number of interface elements are displayed on the screen sometimes confuse new players. Information about the on-screen elements is also not available when some of the indicators that are useful when playing.

You can buy in-game items using ZEN which is the currency that can be purchased with real money. For the price, BLR set prices that are not too expensive for each item. With the ZEN, you also can buy items that are taxable level lock so that you can access the first item you want.

You can also use the GP (Game Points), which is always found in every match, to buy an item even though it takes a little longer. But the number of GP received pretty much every match, you can buy gear possible after 10 or 20 matches plus bonus GP of the mission. Yes, there are features that are mission specific objective that you can clean up the prize GP or XP token and it is also very pep to play continuously.

Blacklight Retribution on Steam you can download to your PC for free and will also be available for the PS4 for free as well. Suitable for you who dried as my purse. 🙂

Blacklight Retribution is a free FPS with solid gameplay plus features such gamechanger Hardsuit and HRV add to the thrill of the game. Unfortunately, the lack of game modes make this game look like a very generic FPS game. This game is perfect for those of you who love RPG style customization and also likes to show off your cool items with other people.

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