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Borderlans : The Pre-Sequel!

Have you finished Borderlands 2? If so, you definitely satisfied with the ending presented. But did you know that before becoming a pretentious and psychopathic antagonist, Handsome Jack (main enemies in Borderlands 2) is a good, patient, and just ordinary programmer? Is that right? How could he be evil? The answer you can find yourself through Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! that in passing reminds me of the Star Wars prequel that tells the story behind Anakin Skywalker becomes the evil one.

In addition to the opening, my review this time leads to gamers most’ve never tasted game or Borderlands Borderlands 2. However, if you previously had never played Borderlands series at all, do not lose heart because I do not wear strange terms in writing and if you keep reading I make sure you will get a lot of new knowledge about the series Borderlands. 🙂

In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel !, you will be presented with a story in which you will be one of the Vault Hunter who helped Jack (real name Handsome Jack before becoming evil) to find advanced technologies that are very costly alien called The Vault. To get something very valuable, of course fighting spirit required is also very large and very, very sharp winding.

So also will you feel in this game. You must be an adventure in which gravity is very low. Even though your adventures more difficult, but clearly these difficulties bring something new into the world of Borderlands, and certainly make your adventure here is no less exciting.

In the mechanism of the game, many of them think this is just a series of Borderlands time looping and minor update of the previous game Borderlands 2. This statement is not entirely wrong. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! I must admit that it did not bring much change compared Borderlands and Borderlands 2. What kind of weapons, the characters you meet, as well as the place and the types of enemies you encounter here most you’ve ever encountered in the iteration-the previous iteration.

You can choose one of four Vault Hunter provided. For me, the most interesting character is Claptrap. Shown as cheerleaders in the Borderlands and Borderlands 2, now comes as a playable character Claptrap. Trademark still very fond of talking, Claptrap prove themselves in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! that he was not only good at talking but also capable of slaughtering the opponent with very proficient. Claptrap addition, you can also play Athens, Wilhelm, or Nisha.

Each character above has its own unique skills and very interesting to try them one by one. Unfortunately, the level of skill possessed branching Pre-Sequel he exactly like in Borderlands 2, ie there are only six levels of skill and a depth of about 30 characters have skills that can be tried. It is unfortunate because the developers seem lazy to dig deeper into the actual skill system still can be worked with a wider and more varied.

Not to be outdone by the skill system, in terms of side-mission what you get in The Pre-Sequel approximately equal to the Borderlands series before. Missions that you will find here is present in the form such as maintaining the headquarters of wave attack, killing monsters in a certain amount, searching for hidden items in a region, or beat mini boss. Neither side quests and the main quest has indicators folder as a location marker completion of quests, so on average you will not be too confused to complete each quest there.

Although the average you’re not too confused, but occasionally you will be confused with some missions that require more in-depth analysis. Because poker online indonesia you’re on the moon, then you can easily drift is not it? In addition to flying, you can also perform a double jump and glide while in the air thanks to the tools provided by the NPC at the beginning of the game.

Many of the places that you have to reach out by utilizing the features double jump or glide in the air. As a result, the missions here require logical thinking harder. You have to use a lot of maneuvers to complete the mission, it is not enough just to walk straight or squat, but you also have to predict when the timing is right to use the glide in the air to reach a platform.

Not only to complete the quest, the other exciting things that you can get from gliding in the air is that you can move from one point to another point to the folder more quickly. I even more often glide rather than walk in this game. In addition, the exploration map in the game is becoming increasingly varied. You can find a wide variety of loot or unique places that you can reach out to the last slide. But keep in mind, to be able to perform a double jump or glide in the air, you should have a supply of sufficient oxygen. Further matters regarding proper oxygen I will explain in the following paragraphs below.

Just like the man of the earth, the characters (even Claptrap robot) you require oxygen to be able to move. Well, it has also become one differentiator in the Pre-Sequel. Here you are introduced to the oxygen system that forces you to always have a backup oxygen while he was outside the building. Since you step out of the room then the oxygen you will be situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia reduced gradually. If your oxygen runs out then your phone will be reduced gradually.

The oxygen system is not a new system that is too memorable for me. For twelve hours playing this game, I had never been confused due to lack of oxygen. Every enemy you kill will drop randomly with additional oxygen instensitas fairly often. In addition, every few meters there is an area of ??the map to refill oxygen, very easy to find these areas. So, the oxygen system in the game is not too provide more challenge for me.

Now to get the weapon type purple (which is the most powerful weapon in the world Borderlands type), you do not need to expect the crates of weapons alone. In this game there are already grinder system which you can sacrifice three weapons then the process grind + keberutungan, the three arms will be a new, more sophisticated weapons. If you’re not lucky, then you get a new weapon that will tend mediocre. Similar to gambling indeed, but I believe gambling through the grinder will not be banned by Bang Rome.

If from Borderlands to Borderlands 2 you do not find a new vehicle that gives a different impression, in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! You will find the opposite. In this game there is a new vehicle called Stingray. Stringray difference with the other vehicle is a vehicle using a low-tech gravity.

So, the Stingray can float in the air and act like a plane Web Alternatif Pokerclub88 when you go faster then cross a chasm. Deficiency (or possibly excess) Stingray is can only be ridden by one person, so for those of you who usually likes to play nebeng origin in Borderlands game before, I think you have to be ready bother to practice driving alone in this game, hehehe. Moreover, the presence of four vehicles in one folder makes this game more crowded with the devastating effects of fire and explosions were launched each vehicle.

How to control the characters in this game was exactly the same as before or even Borderlands game is very similar to modern FPS games that already exist such as Call of Duty or Payday 2. Left click to shoot, right click to aim, C to squat, button F to issue a special skill, and so on. What is interesting in this game is you can do a gravity slam into your opponents. The trick is to jump with the spacebar, and then when you’re still in the air, press C.

What followed was a character you were originally floating in the air will quickly strikes the ground and then lead your enemies crushed and exposed to damage. Controls had just enough fun to do, especially when enemies were clustered in large numbers. Sensation hit the enemy in large numbers to bring exciting and funny atmosphere that blend into one so it can be addictive.

But from my personal experience, the longer the enemies you face will be stronger so it is not possible for you to keep messing with gravity slam. As a result, the further I play the more I also rarely use these controls and only use it in emergencies only, especially when the enemy is being ganged me from all directions.

In terms of graphics, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! was also unchanged compared to the previous iteration. Style cel-shading their distinctive panoramas along the beautiful world still maintained without any elements of the new wah. Indeed, my eyes could tolerate what is shown by this game, but I was asked in my heart … Is this game still uses the same technology as the technology they use to make the first Borderlands?

Should be in the interval of four to five years, the sector of the graphics of the game is capable of much more polished and capable of providing a significant difference, so the questions in my heart that you want can be answered with more stable and satisfying. Do not stop there, the user interface will you encounter any exactly like Borderlands 2, hmm … I get confused to comment on anything.

As a lover of Borderlands series, I till now was still lackluster play Borderlands: Pre-Sequel !. My main reason was because I was very curious about how the process could be a Jack Handsome Jack without make-up, but because of lust to dominate the world.

Even the addition of a series of features previously seen bear, yet I still enjoy just playing this game. Moreover, the elements withdraw from the series previous Borderlands able to be maintained in the Pre-Sequel, so I guess the game is not exactly bad.

For matters of scoring, it’s hard for me to determine. For the gamer who is not a fan of Borderlands, but never played a game of this series before, is likely to assume the Pre-Sequel deserve to be abandoned as soon as possible. But for gamers who play Borderlands, I believe this game will be very exciting for them. So, a score that I will give a fairly standard based on consideration of both sides of gamers earlier.

The Pre-Sequel you can get a price of Rp. 539,000 through Steam. The standard price that was already commonly priced for gameberstandar AAA. Surprisingly, this game only can you get on the PC, PS3, or Xbox 360 only. Note, there is no next-gen consoles are used as a haven this game. I wonder what the real reason of the developer and publisher not to put this game to the next-gen consoles. Are you one of the next-gen console owners are disappointed? Convey your feelings through the comment section below yes.

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