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Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

Up to this point it seems everyone already knows about the Call of Duty. This is a series of first-person shooter game that is the most famous and also advantageous that ever existed in the history of the gaming world. But the general consensus is starting to form Call of Duty series has begun to dull. This is reinforced by the last series that gets poor response although in terms of sales of Call of Duty: Ghost is one of the games with the highest sales during the year 2013.

Players are already bored with the same formula and if the developer did not do anything new then we may soon see the demise of the Call of Duty franchise. But it seems it will not happen, at least in the near future. This is because Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare successfully breathed new life into this series. At least bring some sense of perception and new to the game that has been known for extraordinary action typical of Hollywood.

Before I start the review this time I must say that I have only ever played Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. So obviously I missed some of their latest series (5 to be exact), and it makes me not have the same fatigue to players who play Call of Duty series each year.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare took the background story in the year 2054, so we will see a variety of futuristic weapons and equipment. But since the year 2054 only about 40 years away, the developer is not overly pushy to bring a weapon with too futuristic. Weapons and equipment that is still within reasonable limits, reasonable at the time, and also smart. If you also follow the development of weapons now then you will know that the technology used in the Advanced Warfare is not too far away.

Speaking of the story, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare keep using the plot is fairly cheesy like a Hollywood movie. But this time the developers made it easier to digest. This is because they do not be too hasty to explain the background of the story. Some last Call of Duty series poker online indonesia that I play always has a pattern in which we plunge into a dangerous action with a very short briefing. Even in Call of Duty: Ghost, this briefing uses a simple animation. In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare I feel the character I play is considered so important that the other characters will explain in more detail the background. Not like a messenger with orders to go there, kill someone, and do not ask any questions.

In the intensity of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare also has a slightly different pattern. Before you will constantly undergo missions that are increasingly important and stressful. Here you will go through the various plots that fluctuate even to the very end of the story. For me this is the right way to enjoy a FPS game is quite long. If you decide to look for all the intel that you can collect the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will take up to 9 hours.

Variations mission that characterizes Call of Duty also remain. I can say I like a wide variety of missions in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare because its mission is quite varied. Not only because you are allowed to use a variety of vehicles (which also still exist here). You are not always the main hero, there are times when you may be support for a team that tips pemula bermain poker is stormed a building, or even run through various home to avoid sniper attacks. Here you are part of a team and that means you have to do some other roles. Rambo impression is quite reduced and this is a pleasant variation.

There are many (perhaps too many) gadgets are introduced, but of course the most famous is Exosuit. Basically Exosuit will make you become Iron Man. You can jump high, fly, to disappear. Sounds cool and it is cool, but in single player role of Exosuit is not too large in addition to complement the story. Examples Boost Jump, with this capability you can jump high, suitable to jump over a car that was being burned or reach the 2nd floor quickly. But when you’re dealing with 10 to 15 enemy then jump high will only make you an easy target.

The part that I think is better than the Exosuit itself is an increase of some basic weapons. Two of my favorite new weapon is a smart bomb that can find yourself an enemy and threat which so detonated grenade will tell the position of the enemy was lurking. The evolution of a variety of grenades that exist here is quite good and not just upgrade bigger explosions or more powerful, but has a new function.

Graphic quality of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare look very good at all. Clearly an improvement if we compare it with the previous Ghost series. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare noticeably wider if we talk about the environment. Some buildings completely inaccessible and has several floors. And it’s even a building located on the corner and there is no reason for us to get there.

Irons character (Kevin Spacey) looks very similar to the original face and in some scenes I can not even tell if it was taken directly or a CGI. Although there are some moments in which the articulation of the mouth, especially the eyes do not feel alive. So sometimes a character will look very alive from head to foot, but he did not like being seen in the right direction.

One final thing that really helped codaw visually is the use of environment mostly occurs in a vibrant city. In a mission we just have to follow and record the conversation someone in the middle of the hustle and bustle of urban and it made me wonder whether this is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare I’m playing? Having previously always see the forest, ghost town, as well as military bases remote from the previous series, the use of the city as a major environmental theme really brings refreshment.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is not perfect. AI feel a little smarter in the ability to direct a shot but it is very foolish in terms of detection. You can be in front of them but they would not budge just because you’re on the platform 2 meters which could clearly be seen. Single player is also too based on the events that have been defined so that you can escape the chaos situs poker terbaik di indonesia earlier if it reaches a new event. For example at the level of Sentinel I actually failed because a lot of enemies who know where I am and started shooting. But two seconds later I managed to get into the room should I enter and chaos previously lost.

Enemy also sometimes do stupid things like hiding behind a wall and has a priority shoot odd. Sometimes you can also see the two soldiers who perform exactly the same motions and die with the exact same way. Things like this will happen, but not to make the experience of play is reduced because of the frequency that is not too often.

So whether Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare worth to buy? Even for single player only, I think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare already eligible to be purchased. If we compare with Crysis 3, both of them have a number of hours playing are relatively similar and the same thrill of playing experience. But Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare still has an advantage in terms of multiplayer is actually a more important part than the single player.

But if you’re wondering whether you should buy now then I personally would suggest later on when there is a discount. Although single player Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is one of the most good, but the multiplayer mode still experiencing problems a low ping. Activision has released a patch that slightly improved performance but have not yet got to the stage completely without problems. You can buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare now and play multiplayer smoothly enough, but sometimes there will be times where the game becomes a bit laggy while. If you can live with it and can not stand, then yes you get the blessing from me to buy it.

Note: You can read the initial impression multiplayer here. Later I will update this review with a multiplayer version so that the score may be changed.

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