Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts

Previously I have to say that I was a big fan of the series Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare is the first game from Infinity Ward’s are set in the modern era and instantly become the title of a phenomenal worldwide with a combination of both the single player and multiplayer mode is very impressive. Then came the split in this game developers in 2010 and since then the quality of the story of Modern Warfare become boring and I also gained stop playing Modern Warfare.

But when Call of Duty: ghosts were announced, I must admit that I am a little hope and curious at the same time. Perhaps the loss of the title of this game Modern Warfare will bring something new and exciting. Maybe ghosts can provide the same sensation when I play Modern Warfare series for the first time. I was playing ghosts full of hope, but ultimately I was disappointed and angry.

Before we begin, I must tell you that the installation process is really long. I have to download the game via Steam and unlock afterwards. When I try to play the single player version, the game did install additional and instantaneous installation failed. I was told that there is a new update and I have to download it again for the whole game for 30+ GB! I’m not sure if this is a bug of the game or of steam, but that is obviously not just me who experienced this. It was really frustrating and make this review too late to 6 hours.

For a AAA game (read: very well known) with a budget of millions of dollars and the largest publisher in the world who support this game, Call of Duty: ghosts is fairly bad. There are some characters who would you play in this game, but mostly you will be Logan a spec-ops soldier who along with his brother HESH, his father Elias and also some members of other soldiers who together against the federation. The Federation is a coalition of South American troops using weapons outside the planet to start a war and colonized the United States.

Briefly ghosts are the most elite group of soldiers, the greatest and most deadly in the world. Together with a team of ghosts you will prevent the evil plan of the federation and at the same time looking for Rourke, people who are behind this attack.

Difficult to explain the story without spoilers, but I can tell is the story of this game is very bad. Not only the story does not make sense, it is not clear, very predictable and with a very bad ending in which there are a lot of things that were left to the ghosts Call of Duty 2. This is a bad way to end a game and is compounded by the fact that the ending does not make sense.

But perhaps more frustrating is the overall concept of ghosts actually makes no sense. If that ghosts are the most elite forces and most are not tracked (which is reflected through word ghosts in the title) then maybe this game will be interesting. But the fact is that this game is not at all stealthy like ghosts, almost every mission that you live will take place frontally with various explosions. And strangely though told the United States has in jajah you will still have a lot of resources ranging from weapons, air support, tanks, aircraft and others. You will menghabiska most of the time you destroy objects with giant machine guns were absolutely no stealth or ghostsnya art. The game should have the title of Call of Duty: Grunts than ghosts.

This game character development is very bad. We should be able to look at the relationship between HESH, Logan, and their father, but the relationship between them was never told. We expected to have a special feeling for this group simply because of the fact they are a family. Throughout the game I just found a scene where the background of the family of this soldier was discussed and it was very little.

This game does not have a lot of bugs, but you will find some strange elements. For example in the beginning level you will find that the laws of physics do not apply in this game and the astronauts will continue to wear their clothes in full despite being in the space station. I also found some NPC do silly things like preparing to hit a collision when there was nothing or standing on the balcony to relax while a helicopter was falling toward them.

Call of Duty ghosts added a new feature that is a dog that can help us. But in this game its role completely useless. I graduated from Call of Duty ghosts within 5 hours, fortunately the game is not long considering how bad the game is. If you are really fast and good at playing then maybe you can finish it in wakut 4 hours or less.

If you like the Call of Duty then you will like how the weapon works in ghosts, this is because ghosts are very similar in terms of gameplay. Even “very similar” is the right word to describe the game as a whole, because there is nothing new in this game. You will take refuge behind cars and shoot people all the time.

As typical of other game Call of Duty you will be along the corridors of the building in every level (if you get into a building in this game then it is likely that the building will collapse). But there are also side missions such as flying a helicopter, drive a tank and shoot people in outer space and under water, even you can also control the dog for a while. However it was not able to provide a significant variation. Call of Duty ghosts have a lot of scenes that actually fun but overworked that it no longer attracted me, like jump toward the helicopter. Nothing in Call of Duty ghosts that will make you be surprised if you’ve played the previous series.

There are several missions in this game that offers something new (at least to me, but remember that I missed some series COD). In the mission “Federation Day” which is the best mission you will kill your opponent secretly in a skyscraper while the building down from the rope. You will be entered into one of the glass and use a strobe light to blind the enemy.

This mission is pleasant enough but I think it will be more interesting if you are given a choice of how you will run the mission, so you have no control and not merely undergoing a scenario that has been made. I look forward to using the strobe attachement again on another mission, but I can not do. ghosts dictate to you step by step and there is nothing you can do to deviate from the scenario that has been made.

You might think I am a little unfair with this game. But I think we have to re-evaluate in the context of Call of Duty. This is the 10th game of the series Call of Duty and will be the first series of a series of ghosts, if during this time there is no way to add a new formula review games to the game? Does the same formula and improved graphics in each series can be enough reason for you to buy at a price of $ 60?

Personally I do not think so. But if you like the Call of Duty formula that is so-so only you will be satisfied with the Call of Duty: ghosts. Just do not expect a surprise in this game, because you never played this game before.

Unfortunately it is not just a boring story and gameplay, graphics, too. In this game you will play mostly in a forest full of plants with green, brown and gray background. Nothing really meninggakan impression and some scenes even seem taken from other games (no tank scenes in this game are very reminds me to the mission of tanks in Battlefield 3).

In addition to the forest dominated by dark colors there is also an environment with bright colors like on a mission “Federation Day” which I have mentioned and also a mission¬†situs alternatif gamespools where you will play disebuah snowy mountains in the hot months. But most of the game takes place in a building that has been destroyed or industrial areas such as train or oil drilling.

In terms of graphics quality, if you’ve ever played Call of Duty before then you will know how the quality of ghosts. I play the ghosts with the highest setting on your PC and it does not look so stunning. You can see how the game engine of this game is old. It does not look bad indeed, but can not be equated with its competitors Battlefield 4. While PCnya requires 6 GB version but Call of Duty: ghosts are not spelled out fantastic in terms of presentation.

Sound design in games ghosts fairly mediocre and even less accurate. Some parts of the game sounds very good but some sounded forced. Some guns sounded very weak and several voices sounding too over the complex. You will not hear this too often as long as you play, but when this happens, you can clearly hear it.

Actingnya voice quality is also fairly mediocre, and even sometimes the conversation sounded very flat and boring. For me this is very different from the game Battlefield 4 which has a very good voice acting at all. ghosts put a famous actor Stephen Lang as a voice actor, but throughout the game you will not be aware of who he played because there was nothing too stand out.

For the music business game, ghosts using orchestral music which adds to the tension in several missions. But you probably will not notice the whole game. I just completed this game and there is no rhythm of the music stuck in my head. Perhaps the most memorable music is Eminem song that appears at the end of the game (the same as used in the trailer multplayernya) But of course for many, Call of Duty is not about a single player. Mutilplayernya mode that makes people continue to play this game. Unfortunately, although there are some new menu but the gameplay is still the same.

Squad is the latest additional mode which is basically multiplayer with bots. It is suitable for those who do not feel confident to jump into the online server. There is also a mode where you Extinction alongside 4 other random people have to survive the onslaught of aliens / zombies for as long as you can. Actually quite fresh to the size of Call of Duty but you certainly web alternatif gamespools have often played this mode in other games.

Traditional gameplay modes also got some new mode but nothing exciting. I discovered a new mode called cranked that will force players to continue running while killing to survive. You will also find guard dogs which sometimes spawn to kill you when you kill someone. But perhaps the most disappointing was the loss Headquarter mode and Search and Destory, I do not know why this mode is eliminated but that certainly is a new fashion as Crancked and Hunter was not able to fill this void.

But in general if you like multiplayer mode in the series before then, ghosts additional offers so much more. But it can not be said to be worth the price is $ 60, you can buy a previous version of the game with a lower price and got more or less the same sensation and moreover the previous version of the game in addition to cheaper also has a lot of players.

Call of Duty: ghosts is not the revolution and evolution for the series Call of Duty. There are some new features and variations brought in this series, but there is nothing really new in the series this time.

Hard to know what the cause of it, whether due to a lack of inspiration or just want to make money fast way. Kesimpulanny: unless you really hardcore Call of Duty fans should have any new series out then do not buy ghosts.

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