ChronoBlade is a Facebook game that had become a subject of conversation because it was made by the former Lead Designer of Diablo 2, Stieg Hedlund. But apparently after reaching the beta period for nearly six months, this game has not got too many players. This you can see from the number of players who only reached 500 thousand. Although I do not know why this could happen but for sure the cause is not due to poor quality of the game. Let me explain about this game.

ChronoBlade brought the genre of side-scrolling action RPG with a primary focus on the combo system. Coupled with a storyline that is quite good, especially for a web-based game, made ChronoBlade one of the best Facebook game I’ve ever played. ChronoBlade currently has two playable characters with a combo technique and skill tree is very different.

ChronoBlade combat system in a very admirable and until now I still do not think of a web game is able to provide combat system is so good. For those of you who never played Elsword Online or Grand Chase will easily master this game thanks to a similar system. Variation combo available very much, more or less level with the combo system in Dynasty Warriors 4 and 5. In addition the fight is also quite challenging due to the variation of different enemies. Battered and character will die constantly if you just press the same button without trying to dodge or parry the attack when the enemy is attacking.

Boss fights are also often requires strategy and patience, because all the bosses have an attack that can not be deflected, so you have to attack when the boss was not looking. There are also three different difficulty levels so that you can challenge yourself to try to fight the monsters are much stronger than you. However, your success in completing the high difficulty level will be presented with a variety of equipment that is more robust as well.

Looting system in this game is very similar to Diablo, where one type of goods can have specific attributes vary. For example, the two arms of the same name can have the effect of adding elements or different status. This makes any goods that you can should be checked to make sure the attributes of the item if it does not suit you, because sometimes although an armor has a smaller resistance, it could have an additional attribute that is more useful to you as regeneration or other.

ChronoBlade skill tree system in once again inspired by Diablo. Well, actually this skill tree system has enough market, especially since the emergence of World of Warcraft. Each character in ChronoBlade has two skill trees where you are free to choose to focus on one skill tree or spread skill pointmu into two skill trees at once. Available skill tree is not linear, so you still have to choose which skill you want to take even if you focus on just one skill tree.

The crafting system is actually pretty basic Chronoblade and like most other Facebook games, where you have to find some material that you can get by converting the material to a wide range of goods, using crystals to fill insufficient material, or ask your friends.

Crafting is a general term in the game where you create an item from a variety of materials, but in this game is actually crafting an upgrade, where you improve the quality of the goods that you have. Variations upgrade also vary, with some items you can increase the value (from Common to Uncommon, from Uncommon to Rare, and so on), while others do not. Goods which can not be increased in value otherwise would get a small increase to attribute essentially, usually level defense for armor and level of damage to the weapon.

Once again, my back did not believe that this is a Facebook game. Presentation presented by this game very well, and could be compared with a PC or mobile games. This game made me realize that the web game turns out has been growing rapidly and it is possible to create a web-based game is not about building a city-style Travian alone.

The graphics of the game is pretty good, may be compared with mobile games like Dungeon Hunter 4. In the case of game audio has also been presenting quality is quite satisfactory. Sound effects heard during the fight feels real good and the soundtrack will make you linger play this game.

In terms of the IAP, including a very generous ChronoBlade. My own from the beginning has been expecting to have to wait five hours each played 10 minutes because of energy are depleted, but in fact the energy system in the game is only valid for the map “challenge”. You can continue the quest and farming materials without the need for non-stop energy alias. IAP in this game sells much equipment you can buy directly to instantly obtain high quality equipment, but you get the attribute that will remain random.

Although I myself do not like IAP that give aid directly, at least players who do not want to spend money can still be farming non stop so that with a little effort you Poker Online Terpercaya can certainly be hard to get a good variety of equipment as well. Moreover, with the crafting system a chance for players who do not want to use IAP to be able to get high quality equipment is also getting bigger.

ChronoBlade game is a web-based Action RPG that is very nice and worth playing. Very exciting battle system coupled with a variety of interesting additional features and IAP system is pretty good, I think this game deserve to get players more than 500 thousand. Since the game is web-based, you do not need to download anything to play it, so what are you waiting?

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