Command & Conquer 4 - Tiberian Twilight

Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberian Twilight

Referred to as the final of the RTS franchise which tells the saga between Nod against GDI, Command & Conquer 4 will surprise fans Tiberian series. Although the unit and distinctive buildings such as Mammoth Tank and Obelisk still there, players will find the game C & C mechanism usual. Some of the buildings have been removed. Harvester to collect Tiberium gone. Players no longer need to build a power station or memorize a sequence build. Instead, players will play in the capture-point gameplay like in Dawn of War. Its gameplay is solid and very fast. It may be a pretty odd thing as the final of the series that has been running for 15 years.

Not perfect formula gather-build-rush which is attached to this franchise, EA instead presents a high-speed gameplay based on a capture point, mobile base, and production units are super fast. It will be a little disappointing the fans of C & C, but if they think this game indonesia poker online is a different game, they will like this game mechanism. This game always satisfy players who want to move, as well as separate units, structures and forces in three different classes. Offensive classes to get all ground units and a few upgrades, Defense class can build defense structures with several unique units, and a Support class can make the air unit and is the only class that can release powers on the battlefield.

Mechanisms in the battlefield is located around a mobile base called Crawler, which differ depending on the class of players to choose from. Crawler is building an all-in-one, serves as the only structure of production and research center. Crawler can move, so easy to move, and can also make the unit at high speed.

In the game, players must keep moving. The units to be sent quickly to get the spawn point and secure the zone. Players will also get points if successfully killĀ tips pemula bermain poker an enemy, so the process to get a point strongly in maintaining the conflict and rapid expansion, which will ensure large-scale action almost without pause.

This nonstop tempo continues to run despite Crawler devastated players, because players can respawn me-new Crawler quickly. Given the unit can be collected quickly, it took a while to get back to full strength. If the player should move the Crawler, the unit can be made while Crawler moving, and removed when the crawler has to destination.

It is a system that is fast, flexible and fun, but the choice of players build as if it loses its meaning, since it is easy to change classes and a combination of forces.

When playing a campaign, against the AI, or playing online, players will gain experience. It is based on the performance of the play, and if the experience accumulated is enough, players will level up. Track progress between GDI and Nod separately, but the mechanism remains the same play. When it starts to play, players will have only limited units and each level will unlock a few more. It is very fitting given that the campaign in RTS games usually are providing more options while the game is running.

Those who feel the long campaign in Command & Conquer 3 which also featured three playable factions, will get another kejuatan. Alien faction, the Scrin, have been removed, so the state back to the classic conflict between the GDI and Nod. Campaign that is also relatively short, with three short tutorial missions followed by seven missions for GDI and Nod seven for.

Players will not go through all the campaign sequentially, but must choose whether to follow the path GDI or Nod. This will change the story while players are playing in a different perspective, although they remain in the same plot major pathways.

As expected, this game presents a variety cutscene throughout the game, and Joe Kucan reprise Kane, Nod leader of the bald and bearded. All acting packaged well, but this game does not feel like a cover of a great franchise. This game also has a cameo asĀ situs poker terbaik di indonesia its predecessor games. In addition, a short campaign to make the story as if deliberately rushed so quickly done. The ending is not so satisfactory, as the cover of the Tiberian saga.

Graphics and sound is another story, both very satisfying. Visual display sharp and detailed, with light effects and explosions that reinforce a sense of chaos on the battlefield. It is a style very familiar to anyone who has ever played Command & Conquer 3, only prettier. The graphics quality combined with powerful sound effects and dynamic orchestral soundtrack that makes the game feel more fluid.

A good thing to see the developers and publishers to take risks with their franchise, and the traditional mechanisms of Command & Conquer is one of the most well known in the RTS genre. To move forward, something must be done. Instead of making improvements here and there, EA Los Angeles chose to rewrite the whole formula gameplay, presenting an experience that is hardly describe the C & C altogether. In C & C 4 Tiberian series in the final of this franchise, players will plunge into conflict tactical quick and pleasant. However, inconsistencies and disappointing campaign that made this game into the ranks of the game was good but not extraordinary.

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