Crimson Gem Saga

Crimson Gem Saga

It seems long enough PSP also did not get a RPG game which is really nice. They get, mostly the result of ports is fairly likely to fail and sometimes also encountered many indonesia poker online technical problems. But that will soon change, because the Atlus has spawned a new work dedicated to the PSP. The game is Crimson Gem Saga.

Gamers may be a little surprised by the original developers who develop this game. Their origin is Korea. As gamers all know, Korea is famous for the game are more inclined to MMO games and also included famous characters, which is often difficult to distinguish whether the character is male or female. But the capabilities, the Korean developer has no doubt the quality. In fact there ever compare it with a Japanese developer Falcom like.

Perhaps it is also one of the reasons why this game could be quite nice. In addition to gaming systems used (turn-based battle system), you also will find a character that has the characteristics of a kind with the growth rate and a fairly deep storyline. Simple and detailed drawings, conversation inviting smiles and laughter as well as easy to understand the battle that situs poker terbaik di indonesia makes this game very interesting to play.

In this game tells the story of a young man named Killian. Killian is a young man who can be quite sorry. Often a nuisance to his friends, he was upset and was always trying to prove that there is in him. Like most stories in the game JRPG, he was getting a chance to prove that he is very meaningful. Killian was destined to become the central figure in the epic battle that will decide the fate of the world. A character who would you meet also would have been predictable. There is a mysterious female companion, a mysterious witch, a former monk who like to drink wine complete with a hammer mace, the enemy is too strong and all that smells like a typical JRPG.

Actually, the storyline is presented fairly predictable. But thanks to Atlus ability to slip a humor element and also the inclusion of personality to each character, making this game does not feel flat. Add another is charging that included a nice sound. The battle system is also presented in a way that is simple, but interesting. As usual, you can attack, defend, blurred, use special moves and magic as well as issuing a barrage of attacks as well. It must be remembered, you also need to focus on finding weapons and armor better and diligent increase the level. We must admit, this game includes quite a challenge, especially if the players do not take the time to raise the level of your character.

Well, after the fight, in addition to gain experience points and situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia money, you will also get a SP (Skill Points) that you can use to develop one’s status (in terms of stance). There was more surprise given here. You can also pair your equipment to a specific element that has an empty slot, and sometimes you can also include a medal that can be used to reinforce the stance that you have learned.

Maybe a little bit ironic. Why do we say ironic? Crimson Gem Saga because this is actually a sequel to a game called Astonishia Story contrast to this game (the contrast in terms of bad and worse). Fortunately, this game managed to make up for the error that occurred in the first Story Astonishia.

Problems audio and music, everything including good enough. Although it is not too good, but also not bad. At the very least, the music is presented match the atmosphere in the game.

Last comment from us, according to our personal, Crimson Gem Saga is a simple game and has a classic style that now many left. Although impressed by the classical, but did not feel old. If the gamer is a lover of the classic RPG game, then the game is required to play. Maybe not just for gamers lovers of the classic game, but also for the whole gamers in the world.

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