Dance Dance Revolution - Disney Grooves

Dance Dance Revolution : Disney Grooves

In 2001, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is one of the most revolutionary game ever. Lots of avid gamer with this one game. At that time, Konami has released one of the results of expansion filled with Disney characters and accompanied by classic songs from Disney. All your indonesia poker online favorite characters are going to use clothes as if they were ready to dance. After eight years, Konami back to do it again. Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves.

Since this is DDR game, we will not discuss more about the game in depth. The way the game is still as usual where you are required to press the arrow keys according to the instructions given in the game. You’ll use the Wii-mote and Nunchuk to play. For those who have never played this game, there is a ruse that will enliven your game. There are arrows to be pressed twice while the other is a trap.

Unfortunately, all of these additional elements do not provide any additional tips pemula bermain poker into the game. In fact, this game just does not feel like a dancing game. But, in this game the option to turn off all existing ruse so that it can give you a game that is pure DDR. That made us a bit puzzled is the degree of difficulty that we think is too easy. Even more easily when compared with the previous DDR on the Wii.

For those of you who have played the Hottest Party Wii version, the game will be very similar and would have you know. Most of the features present in Hottest Party will be included here. There is a single player mode, multiplayer mode (can play up to 4 people) and also the workout mode.

There are so many games in this DDR game that makes this game seem to fail. Dances shown here feels different and unfortunately also not good. It is true, a touch of Disney in this game while serving dozens of levels and costumes that you can use. Funnily enough, this game is not given a limit to the use of costumes by gender. So, for people who really want fun, you can just dress the characters that you use with other different costumes with your gender.

Basically, the game DDR everything always revolves around the song is given in it. If the song is given quite interesting, then this game will be more interesting to play. But unfortunately, not for this one. Most songs are offered only song that has a BPM that is too low. Even at a higher difficulty level though, you will not be too feel the difficulties. None of the songs situs poker terbaik di indonesia are really nice to play here.

The song list is given very bad. There are more than 40 songs taken from all the Disney movie of the last 60 years. There are choices that might attract the attention of gamers like The Lion King and The Jungle Book. But really unfortunate because it was not too much help.

Lots of songs given above not be re-recorded. One more deficiencies that we consider too unfortunate here is why Disney does not include songs that are well-known and well-known singer who sings?

Last comments from our, the game is actually quite good, but unfortunately the song list provided here is not adequate at all. That’s why we feel that this game seem boring. Not to mention the element is added to the actual game is not very useful increasingly making this game drowning in failure. But for novice gamers who want to try to play this game, you should try this game.

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