Dantes Inferno

Dante’s Inferno

While planning a game, classical literature is not the first to enter the mind. For centuries, the concept of life after death in the West has been a lot of reference to the La Divina Commedia of Dante Alighieri, which makes cringe at once dazzling people with his journey indonesia poker online across the

land of death. Moreover, gloomy adventure in the world while talking to the souls who are being tortured apparently not good material for a game. Then Visceral Games and Electronic Arts came, and creating a game, Dante’s Inferno. Although visually this game with stunning describe hell, but the gameplay feels superficial, like a low version of God of War. The value of repetition combined with less lost that fight, making this game a little bit has its drawbacks.

Dante’s Inferno is about a man who tried to save the woman he loves. Dante was a soldier crusade saturated with war and decided to return to his fiancée, Beatrice, in Firenze. When he arrived, his house had been destroyed and Beatrice lying lifeless. When he approached the body of Beatrice, Lucifer appears and brings the soul Beatrice, dragged to hell. Dante was chasing them through the circles of hell, trying to save his love. He was dealing with sin and guilt on his way to meet the king of hell.

This game is not really the same as the classic work, but the tips pemula bermain poker pursuit of Beatrice creating a destination for players to hit and bypass all the obstacles that hinder in hell. The story in the game is spoken by the creative, with a mix of in-game cutscenes, CG movies and animated sequences, especially to demonstrate the sins of Dante.

Any game that is based on La Divina Commedia definitely has those special moments dewasa.Dante’s Inferno really take advantage of its Mature rating (adult) up to the extreme points, while player adventure, you will see scenes of souls being tortured, violence, and many men and women naked from level to level. Obviously, this is not a game for kids, but what players see in this game is right in trying depiction of hell and torment-torment. Sometimes, players will feel sorry for the soul and being trapped there. But there are also things that are surprising in this game, like the monster who issued ‘genitals’ as a remote attack.

The fight is a key component of the game action. Dante uses his scythe to tearing creatures confronting demons. It can also attack from a distance using situs poker terbaik di indonesia the power of the cross. When players kill monsters, he will get a soul. Yes, it sounds like God of War. In fact, if the player has played one game God of War, he will be venturing across Dante’s Inferno with no obstacles.

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