Dragon Blaze

Dragon Blaze

Last week, Gamevil has to do a soft-launch for a new game called Dragon Blaze, game android / iOS MMORPG fantasy genre. According to Gamevil, this new game is available indonesia poker online for android devices on soft-lauch phase, while for its IOS version is planned for release about a month later.

Our crews have tried the game, and play it up a few levels. Impression when first trying this game is the artwork and graphics presented in this mobile game is very beautiful, the colors are subtle and gentle character movement. Eyes will be spoiled with players such as staring at the screen gadget that is used to play.

At the beginning of the game, players will be asked to choose one of the five main classes are Warrior, Archer, Priest, Mage and Rogue. Abilities, strengths, weaknesses, tactics, and equipment that they have different from each other. In addition, the level of cara bermain poker di android difficulty in using each character also vary. Therefore, choose the most class that best suits your interests.

Systems that are in the game is also not a difficult game, gamers can learn gameplay with ease. However, to make the forces (allies) that’s the challenge. Players must find the right formula and pattern to find the best arrangement, because there are a lot of characters that can be recruited into the army. Likewise stance-jurusnya, pemaian can set their own level of stance anywhere who wants strengthened.

Apart from the looks, another thing that makes this game interesting is the translation into Indonesian fitting, know about any word that should be translated, and the word which should be left in English. Players can choose the use of language on the choice of setting and changing the English into Indonesian. Not forgetting the music, colossal and full of fantasy.

If you just look at the screenshots of this game, it was not the beauty of a static image such. you should try to see for themselves the quality and detail of graphics to play. Motion of each character at rest, fighting and issued various signature jutsu was very unusual. Dragon Blaze indeed only display 2D graphics, but the movement of each character is verytips pemula bermain poker subtle that is what makes this game so alive and beautiful.

Battle also be a memorable one. Apart from the beautiful graphics, the battle can be controlled by the player. Although not all of them, but the player can control the use of the main character moves by tapping the enemies who want to attack, then turn moves the icon located at the bottom center of the interface players. You should also know, Dragon Blaze presents a fashion feature for each character which display attributes and effects are also cool, not merely change the appearance of characters.

The game is more exciting because the player can also play directly along with four other gamers online in their features boss raid.

Such reviews for Dragon Blaze. Overall, our crew feel that this game is very interesting, especially of graphics and music. If you’re a fan of the game Dragon’s Crown or Odin Sphere, then this game will be fun and bring you wonderful memories together in the second game.

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