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Finally after a long wait and was delayed several months, the game is made in the nation appeared officially on Steam. DreadOut, a horror game inspired by classic horror games like Fatal Frame is made by a local studio from Bandung, namely Digital Happiness. Seeing the condition of today’s horror games no longer have vibrations like horror games of the 90s, is an independent gaming supported by this Indiegogo can hit the video game world of horror through the gameplay and atmosphere offered?

DreadOut tells the story of a group of students who are forced to go into a village abandoned when they were doing a field. You will play as Linda, a high school student who was one of the student groups. In the village, Linda and his friends are trapped in a haunted school poker online indonesia and they are separated from each other. Linda is equipped with cell phones now have to try to find his friends and also find a way to get out of the damn place.

Through the synopsis, the story seems a bit corny DreadOut sounds like a story in a horror film in general, but not of that value DreadOut show his skill.

DreadOut probably one game that can show the gripping atmosphere is good. From the beginning of the game have you been treated to chant ‘stepped down Wengi’ are guaranteed to make the hair stand. Create a foreign person, maybe the song is just a regular opener, but for us who are people of Indonesia, the song gives a different impact because we know it is not? DreadOut seem to be focused to provide local cultural experience and I think it is appropriate given the culture of Indonesia has the potential to be processed and make a masterpiece has an exotic value.

The essence of a terrible atmosphere in the visual media is situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia the lack of which makes us guess there is something unknown before us. I think DreadOut doing excellent work in that section. Ranging from low visibility and lighting levels are really dark indirectly make you imagine that there is ‘something’ that is waiting in the darkness it. It was once used on some kind of horror games such as Silent Hill and the results are equally scary.

Not only that, the design of the existing level in DreadOut also made quite tense through the arrangement of objects exist. In this game, you are locked in a school, and let me make it clear that the school building is one of the best places to be used as a movie set or a horror game. For example, using the object DreadOut chairs and tables in the classroom to form a formation of tables and chairs that look creepy (read: disturbing). Then, the striking objects that should not exist in a school, graffiti on the walls as well as many objects damaged which greatly adds to the feel of timeless sinister in this game.

DreadOut apparent use of local content as the main attraction. In addition to the core purposes of gameplay, there are also other things on the use of local material that makes you even smiled to himself. For example on the posters plastered on the walls which mostly reminds us how noraknya outboard ad in Indonesia. In addition there is also the appearance of the things that we often see on the side of the road before entering the school building as booths selling pirated CDs and even up obitueri flowers that reads ‘Sends Condolences (hacker name)’ also exists. Before you fear you’re going to laugh themselves seem first (and it would make the people around fear).

One of the elements in a horror game is jumpscare, but many Web Alternatif Pokerclub88 of the horror game that is actually providing jumpscare as ‘cheap’. Examples such as the use of loud sound effects are sudden but we do not know what is really going on. In DreadOut, that you will not find, but DreadOut give the jumpscare experience a gradual but still surprising. I can not give examples because it would spoil the experience bermainmu, but if you try it yourself, you would quite understand what I mean.

There is also an aspect that I want to cover, namely in the field of sound. DreadOut characters in English in conversation for a while and later Digital Happiness will provide a patch to Indonesian. There is not anything special in this part but as soon as I heard the sound effects such as ambience, I was quite surprised because DreadOut also can deliver a gripping atmosphere simply by voice. I held up the thumb made his sound designer for the selected sound is appropriate and able to make my skin crawl. The voices are not loud noise that suddenly appear but even faint sounds that can actually make you sweat.

Despite having a pretty good impression, DreadOut still experience some problems in various parts. At teksur 3D objects, there are still imbalances quality texture. Some objects in the game has a good texture quality and most have low texture. In addition to texture, there are also still object affected by clipping so that sometimes seem to disappear from view. For the modeling and rigging of the characters themselves are also still looks a bit rough and so animated, deformation of body parts look unnatural.

For gameplay, this game actually adheres to play simple. You simply take a photo of a ghost that you encounter to defeat him and all the photos that you take you can save it in the gallery. Some ghost has its own way to be defeated and it adds variety in the game. Unfortunately, this game does not have the in-game tutorial so before you start the game it’s good to first read guidelines. This method is fairly conventional and reminds me of the manual to move in past Resident Evil games.

One thing is quite frustrating play DreadOut is unclear objectives. The goal in this game is shown in the form of pieces of my own story so often confused exactly should I look for what it was. Something like this is already quite common among pixel horror game, but because DreadOut is a 3D game, then you should explore the area becomes wider so you even more confusion than before to find a way out.

DreadOut is a horror game that has the classic gameplay and atmosphere is really tense. Although this game still have problems in the areas of technical and gameplay, you play DreadOut remains mandatory, especially if you’re a fan of horror games and also want to support the developer Indonesia.

Oh yes. Since the game was released episodically, Digital Happiness is also promising for Act 2 and Free Roam Mode that will certainly be discussed as well.

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