Droid BB-8 by Sphero

Droid BB-8 by Sphero

In early January we Crew arrival of a special gift that is cute and funny, namely Droid BB-8 from Sphero. This became the iconic Droid robots that fill Star Wars: The Force Awaken and be the desire of every fan of Star Wars for behavior that is adorable. Yuk lanngsung detail, we see the review of our crew.

Cute robot crew this time we review a small replica of the original Droid BB-8 Star Wars. Unlike the R2-D2 who seemed stiff and agile, BB-8 had a ball into a buffer body daftar review and head. This iconic robot has the ability to roll that allows it to run fast does not like R2-D2.

When opening the Sphero’s BB-8 you will find droid composed of body and head connect with the magnet is strong enough. You also will find a dock for charging droids and USB data cable to connect it to a computer or charger head. Indicators are shown when charging from BB-8 Sphero will make the robot twinkle and also there is a line of 3 pieces in the base charger dock.

Unfortunately, it took quite a long time for charging BB-8 Sphero is due to the unavailability of charger head. Better yet, if equipped with a head charger that uses features such as fast charging adapted some smartphones.

If you want to control Sphero BB-8 should be made in Sphero you download an app that will connect you to the droid’s BB-8. You can use mobile devices based on Android or iOS native app to install artificial Sphero. Surely directly to the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Some of the features you could use, ranging from running a BB-8 Sphero link alternatif gamespools as a regular remote control car with the features of the drive, as well as ordered BB-8 Sphero to patrol around you by using the patrol. You also can set the distance patrols in accordance with your wishes. In addition, there are features emoticons, you can see some funny emoticons typical B-8 Sphero adorable, such as nodding, shaking, or grumpy.

BB-8 Sphero is made of plastic that is quite strong, so you do not have to worry about BB-8 crashed into the wall. Head of BB-8 also made of plastic material, unfortunately scroll of chief BB-8 looks less like a mouse precision and earlier times. However, maintaining the balance of BB-8 Sphero.

In addition BB-8 also have a different color when it interacts using a smartphone. You will see red when BB-8 wants to hit something, other than that you will also see white when BB-8 into the message mode which lets you see the message screen of BB-8 uses the smartphone’s camera.

BB-8 was originally are adapted to be controlled when in Drive mode, because you have to move the head and the body simultaneously. For toy is priced at £ 2,800,000 sabung ayam online terbaik according to our crew is quite affordable. For Star Wars toy collectors are the best toy Star Wars themed, principally shall have!

Previous crew we’ve been looking at various sites to get a BB-8 is, pretty much put up the price of £ 3,500,000 to £ 4,000,000 to get the Droid BB-8 by Sphero this. But you do not worry, because we have a reference Crew sellers whose price is quite affordable at just £ 2.8 million. For those of you who want to get a BB-8 Sphero can buy it here.

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