Eternal Eden

Eternal Eden

Actually, what is the meaning of a casual game is it? Surely there are several definitions for casual games and each of the definition we believe is the result of the definition indonesia poker online of their views in person. And what about the RPG game? If we think personally, the RPG is a game that requires a permanent commitment to get it done. Now, we will try to discuss a game that we categorize as a combination of casual games and also RPG, Eternal Eden.

In Eden Eternal, is told about a man named Noah who live on an island where the inhabitants will never old, never sick and certainly no one would have died. On his life, they are supported by the Tower of Eden, who gave whatever they want. All this thanks from someone who is referred to as “Father”, a mysterious figure yagn created man on the island in accordance with his shadow and then left the island by boat. Currently, Downey, a good friend Noah, decided to break the only rule that is in Eden by taking the forbidden fruit from the top of the tower in an attempt to win the heart of a princess, the world was changed forever.

In Eden Eternal, you will find that most of the characters used herein, the average memilikki personality of its own and all are also sure to be liked by gamers. Dialogue presented here is quite interesting to listen to. However, sometimes there are certain characters tips pemula bermain poker that would come and go. But the three main characters will never leave the team.

When viewed at a glance, Eternal Eden looked more like an ordinary RPG game, and of course you will wonder why a game like this is not released for the console. How not, you will be adventuring around the world, fight monsters using a turn-based system and gather experience to raise the level of you, that you are not overwhelmed in the fight with the stronger monsters.

But this time, do not think that fighting a battle just like normal. This time, it takes strategy to fight with your enemy. The strategy here, not only involves a weakness your enemies. Suppose that when you are fighting against a mouse, you can use the magic water to drown the rat and if your enemy memilikki scales that protect the body, then a sharp weapon that can penetrate the skin like that is the most appropriate option to fight him. When you’re feeling adventurous, it helps you carefully inspect all places because often you can find streets and hidden items. There is also a minigame that is guaranteed to make you addicted, namely game hunting turtles.

Maybe there are people who will not like the old-fashioned games like this, but we personally really like games like this and the game managed to evoke memories of the past when the first time playing a RPG game with the traditional game systems. Given situs poker terbaik di indonesia design is also quite interesting, the graph shown is not too tacky and overdone.

Now we will try to dissect this game from some particular point. From the point of shortage, there are some things that the Eternal Eden makes this game can not develop fully. One of the things that we think have made this game could not reach their highest potential is given dungeon map is too large, coupled with the absence of map features that can help you recognize the path you’ve ever passed.

Then the second is, when you’re wanting to sell something, there is no question to confirm whether you’ve definitely want to sell the equipment. So, it is not impossible if the current game, you can inadvertently sell one piece of equipment or weapon you are super rare. Likewise with the save. You shall be careful when you want to save in multiple places at once because it is not likely you actually save in slots that do not want to waste or are you using (again, there is absolutely no confirmation process if you want to rest on the results of the save-an offer or no).

Ok, it was some of the shortcomings that we deem vital. Now we will try to discuss the features available. Eternal Eden memilikki lot of puzzles you can play. But once again, we found a shortage here. The puzzles are given tend to be repetitive and not diverse.

But, despite all that, it does not mean this game is not worth playing. We emphasize once again, the game is quite mandatory and worth playing, especially for those of you who are really a big fan of the traditional RPG game.

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