Eternal Symphony

Eternal Symphony

Eternal Symphony is a rhythm game genre RPG developed by Enthrean Guardian. Currently, the android game already released in Google Play and can be downloaded indonesia poker online for free.
The start of play, the player must choose one of two characters first, users swords or wizards. But the choice of characters that can be changed again later. Actually there are many choices of characters that can be used, but should be purchased in advance using Spools obtained from the mission.

After selecting a character, the next step is to go into the mission. At the beginning, there were two missions to choose the tutorial and a battle for beginners. The next mission will be opened if the player has completed the mission first.

When the mission takes place, the ongoing battle with the rhythm of a system where the player must press the red or blue according to the rhythm. The music that accompanies the mission are considered in accordance with the rhythm of the fight so that experience cara bermain poker di android so much easier to adjust rhythm.

If the adjustment rhythm successful then the character will attack the opponent, but if it fails then the opponent will attack the character. Alternatives to attack the opponent can also use a special moment when the parameters have been filled. Unfortunately, there are no voices that indicate that a player has managed to adjust the rhythm so that success or failure of the adjustment rhythm rather feel empty.

In addition to adjusting the rhythm, the player must also consider the parameters of the character. Do not get HPnya exhausted because the character will die and the game is over. In order to prevent HP runs out, players can use potions available 3 pieces tips pemula bermain poker on each mission. If the successful completion of the mission or even fail, players will get a number of Spools. However, the number Spools obtained with the mission to succeed so much more than that fail.

Such review our crew for Eternal Symphony. Overall this game is interesting, rhythm and music. Unfortunately, in the opinion of our crew, timing rhythm and coloring game is still lacking. In addition, the RPG element of the game is lacking depth.

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