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Evolve is a multiplayer game Turtle Rock Studios claim that is not often you come across. For the uninitiated, Turtle Rock Studios is the developer of the game Left 4 Dead. So, seeing this game was made by the legendary multiplayer game developers, you should not be surprised by the unique elements of Evolve makes this game can provide an intense multiplayer experience.

Still, one question that arises about Evolve: whether the game is mandatory for you to play? I can not say that this game could match or surpass the thrill of Left 4 Dead. But, this does not mean Evolve is a bad game. In fact, far from bad. However, there are some parts that made this game would not be liked by some gamers.

As you can see in the trailer or in the early impression poker online indonesia Evolve before, you should know that this game is a game that focuses on the multiplayer aspect asymmetrical. This means that, in this game both sides that have different numbers and strength will be fighting one another. Both sides also presents the gameplay is quite different so as to provide a fresh perspective when you try to play one faction to another.

Both sides in question is a hunter and monsters. As a hunter you will move in a team of four people with different abilities. You can choose one of the available classes are Assault, Medic, Trapper, and Support. With the capabilities and equipment that differ from one another, then every battle you do must be undertaken in earnest. Because if you take one step, then all your team who will be the victims. Losing one will make your team members really ‘disability’ so your team will fall prey to the monster very easily.

It forces you to continue to focus on activities berburumu because you seemed to weigh on the entire team if you die because of a silly thing (eg, man-eating edible plants). If you’re a gamer who does not like the pure competitive game, then I suggest you to stay away from Evolve because you will be dealing with this feeling as long as you play. Obviously other words if a game like this is precisely what you seek-seek.

In other cases, the monster has a way of playing that much different from the hunter. As the monster you just play one (or one) alone. Your job here was to kill all members of the opposing team, but do hope you can do it easily. This is because at the beginning of the game, you will be the prey rather than being the predator. To strengthen yourself, you have to run away and seek prey in advance so that you can build up your armor and eventually evolved into a stronger form.

As a monster, I split the game into two general phases, namely: Phase hide and seek and slaughter-slaughter phase. Phase hide and seek going on early in the game. You are still in the form of a monster that is weak and you must escape first from the hunters chasing quartet while occasionally prey on a variety of creatures that you encounter along your escape route. In times like this you must always be vigilant while continuing to sniff around you to avoid the hunters or detect candidate next prey. This phase is quite thrilling and probably will make you exhausted first for fear of the hunter to find you before you can become stronger. But if you can survive, you will have tremendous strength!

Butcher-slaughter phase you can experience when you use a monster that has evolved into Stage 3. Once you have entered this stage, I can assure that you are able to face the hunter alone without fear of immediate death. You will feel very strong and may well be the monster itself mentally! Maybe you will also roared itself bears alive-like monster when it reaches Stage 3: p. This must be supported by the way you use the power-controlled monsters that you use. In addition to the existing kill the hunter, you can destroy the generator which is located on the map in order to win the battle. It also serves as a tactic to draw the attention of the hunter.

Play as a monster has its share strategy is quite interesting situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia because it combines elements of stealth with the aggressive action that met the hunter. If you like shocked people, may be the monsters is your main choice in this game.

unter on the other hand, have I think the gameplay is fairly standard in the genre of first-person shooter. Weapon you can use in the game like a standard FPS and jetpack will give you the freedom to maneuver to avoid an attack or just move from one place to another. It is the ability of the hunter in general, but the ability of individuals of each class hunter is that you must master in order to quell the giant monsters.

Each class works like serrations in an engine. If one of them is missing, then do not expect the game can take place smoothly. Examples of what often happens is when Medic die earlier than other members. In the absence of the person who served as a healer in your team for two minutes, you will be very vulnerable to defeat quickly. This makes the level of difficulty to play as a hunter is higher because you will be burdened with the responsibility to protect each other from one another.

Because it requires cooperation and coordination is very good in order to win the game there. However, like a double-edged sword, this cooperation also be a negative value of its own in my view.

Why negative? Simply, because it will be very difficult for you to work as a perfect team. This game will only be won by a team that played perfectly, or monsters that often act recklessly or are new in this game. If you do not want to face this kind of problem when playing as a hunter, make sure you play with people who are known or at least use a headset to communicate.

Another issue is the ability of the hunter belonging to sometimes not be used as quickly as possible when the battle occurred. Examples of what often happens is when Hunk (Support) using Orbital Barrage are often missed and instead of the other team members. Or when the Trapper does not function as a ‘trapper’ and even developed his own to face the monster.

But there are two things that most makes me not too Web Alternatif Pokerclub88 happy to play becomes the hunter. First, they seem weak. Indeed, this game is designed to encourage you to work together constantly. However, through small events such as knocking other monsters in the forest often makes direct die.

Secondly, you will spend 70 percent of your game to run, walk, and run. Okay, maybe jump and do a dash using the jetpack too. But, you know what I mean is not it? In the first few minutes of play you have to chase the beast wherever he goes and I can say it was very boring. Maybe you occasionally will meet with monsters that you hunt, but once the monster run away, you have to repeat the same pursuit.

Repetition may be a concept that you will often encounter in Evolve. Roughly speaking, there are many variations of the game you will encounter in Evolve. You will only do a battle between humans and monsters continuously without any different variations. Indeed, there are so-called Evacuation mode in which the hunter must rescue survivors on the planet to get various bonuses in the next round. However, although it was no variation, the mode does not make a huge difference in gameplay romp that exist in Evolve.

Continuous play is a must if you want to feel what it is like to play into another character. Yes, every class and monsters have three variations that you can choose and each has different capabilities. But if you want to play a different character you must open it first by level up. How to level up? Of course with continuous play. But your journey to be able to open just one character can be fairly long. This may not be liked by those who hate the game that need grinding in a high intensity. Companion app that has been discussed Risky may be of little help, but still you have to keep playing for a long time.

But both of the above still I consider commonplace in pure multiplayer game like this. Which makes me wonder is why Evolve has microtransaction in it. Evolve is a game worth more than Rp. 700,000 and the microtransaction it seemed to make us buy unfinished games at full price. Prices season pass of the game is also quite expensive and would make anyone think twice to buy it. Which makes getting worse is the season pass is not a variation of new maps or new weapons, but only skins that change the look of the outside of the hunter or the monster that you are using. I was advised if the skin provided it cool, but there is actually no more than a change of color alone. There may be additional questions in the future, but with original content like this, it will make the interest of the consumers has fallen dramatically.

Graphics are displayed in Evolve admirable. This is thanks to the power of CryEngine implemented well in this game. Maps in this game looks very detailed and every living thing in this game looks very lively. Monster hunter existing and formed with a very attractive so that was giving them the background without requiring narration.

However, as a result of an environment that is always dark and always felt the same in every map, display Evolve feels repetitive. The sights you see are not far from the dark forest and the occasional monotony given another touch through the residential areas are abandoned or futuristic facilities of human colonies.

The concept of the game is actually quite interesting to be packed in a story, but the act of Turtle Rock Studios which does not include campaign mode makes the concept seem wasted away.

In conclusion, do not buy any microtransaction of Evolve. Outside of that, Evolve is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that has a unique and exciting concept … for a few hours early only. Having mastered the technique of playing this game, you will realize how repetitifnya game created by Turtle Rock Studios this. Nevertheless, this game is not entirely bad because it presents a very intense multiplayer experience.

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