F1 2011

F1 2011

Driving the F1 car is difficult. Well, driving fast. Just about anyone with a driving license which can Pootle on one track, but to get the most out of it, you need the supernatural ability to step on the brake a few meters later than when you invoke your instincts. You need to bring a few more miles per hour through the top and back of gas a few moments earlier than the opposition.

Games last year which touched the spirit of it, and now Codemasters Birmingham who have sent several thousand volts through suspension for the year 2011.

The key is a model that is much more accurate driving. You would think that is penalized by the reform, which is more demanding physical system will make you feel less a hero, but in fact it was the opposite. The new treatment is more alive, making every corner of success in F1 that feels hard won.

To help, there is a configuration of driving aids. With everything that is enabled, your car painted with the road. In addition, there is a line drive that new ride around the corner to see more of that coffin carbon fiber F1 driver.

F1 McLaren are now able to hustle, I tried. I launched off the line and deft scything through the pack run until competency Keat left-handed. With nary a bit of tire smoke, I sweep and kissed the top corner. Turn the two were sent to laugh outrageously arrogant as I was the last F1 Dick Dastardly, Fernando Alonso. I Lewis Halmiton.

Now it’s just a simple task of slicing the left about three turn uphill. Except it is not – the back of my car that ran past me and I’m in the process of being hard is stored, backed up, to the run-off area nearby. Ok, I’m not Lewis Hamilton, but for the moment there was close.

For solo players who are not a lot of structural changes – the career mode which is basically like that, barring two new circuits and more frequent updates on the competition with the other drivers. The biggest challenge is getting to grips with KERS and DRS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System and Drag Reduction System), two of the original features of which acts like a turbo boost videogame.

Online businesses and F1 2011, which boasts the victims are greatly enhanced. Not only can you Poker Online Indonesia now play with 15 other drivers, but every place empty boxes that can be filled with competitors Ai, so that you are always elbowing your way through the field sparsely populated. There is also the option to run the whole championship in the co-op as teammates, teamed up to win the constructors’ Championship but compete to secure the Drivers. Gamers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to online racing, but F1 2011 that the addition of a beautiful competitive.

Feature set that can be loaded in favor of multiplayer, and really not much extra to career paths, but even if you do not have contact with the outside world, a new physical machine that is the challenge of fatten. If you unplug the courage to go online, though, that the same handling model, combined with a mix of human and computer drivers, which makes this one of the most interesting multiplayer racers in the year.

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