Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

First appeared in the early 1990s, Electronic Arts (EA) began routinely presenting its flagship football game series, FIFA, in each year. In the year 2014, EA Sports has launched a new series titled FIFA 15 for the version of the console, PC and mobile. Specifically in the mobile version (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), EA Sports FIFA 15 brings only the ultimate team mode its course.

Given the crew we had to review the console version, this time we review its mobile edition. Because the ultimate team mode only displays its course, does not mean that mobile gaming excitement will be reduced. Our crew proved quite enjoy this game that was released in the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store on 22 September 2014 yesterday.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team first began with a team of just the lower class players and you have to improve it and bring it into the best club team in the world. It takes time, but not too long to be able to develop this team to be the best, given the lack of energy systems here and some players free package can be obtained if completing the existing achievement-achievement.

To improve it, you need to buy some top-class players in accordance with their respective position. Unlike the console version which presents a genuine currency (Euro, Pound Sterling and others) in the game, here the currency for buying and selling players using coins or FIFA Points (premium currency). You can buy individual players in the transfer market is manifesting as an auction or a package which is available in several categories (bronze, silver or gold).

When playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, a game that felt more refined than the previous series. Starting from the reflection ball movement, the movement of footballers, and even action feed to other players, to survive or to shoot the ball into the goal also is getting better.

One other change is the addition of Quick Simulation option for those wishing to pass through the game more quickly. Here you like the role as team manager without controlling the game, but only control the team’s strategy. Unfortunately, the control strategy here is very simple, is not as complex as in the console version. Such as organizing tactics to attack or defend and select high or low intensity game.

There are many games that you Poker Online Terpercaya can choose, ranging from tournament to the season as well as gifts that can be obtained on condition of avoiding relegation, promotion to the top division or winning the league. You can also choose the option to directly play a quick match against a rival team to simply want to look for additional coins. If you felt less satisfied with the performance of the team, you can do customization, ranging from team logo, costume team (home or away), the stadium until the election of the name of the team that wants to be pinned.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team also brings classic control option and a new option called casual control that comes with fewer virtual buttons. In the control there is also a slight change where there is now a breakthrough features as well as additional engineering drible with 2 times the tap on the button. MFI additional controller can also be used for you who prefer the use of a joystick, as the experience of playing in the console version.

Overall, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is able to bring a soccer simulation game that is interesting in the mobile device. Centering on the Ultimate Team mode is also appropriate, especially presented as a game free-to-play that can be enjoyed for free. Without having to bother with the energy system, you can play these mobile games for a long time, until your battery runs out of course mobile.

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