Fire Emblem - Awakening

Fire Emblem – Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on April 19, 2012 in Japan, followed by the publishing in North America on February 4, 2013. This game is a title thirteenth of the Fire Emblem series and the first titles developed by Nintendo for 3DS utilizes the services of downloadable content (DLC) paid.

For those of you who want to try this game, please download and try the demo play it first because the demo version was already available in the Nintendo eShop.

Due to this game genre of tactical role-playing, where gamers have to move the character he played in a particular line. In this game, gamers must control the character into a certain position to attack an enemy or defend against a given. Character has a number of health points (HP), when the character receives the enemy’s attack, the HP owned the character will be reduced, and when HP character out then that character will die or lose. The fight in this game can be won by attacking all enemies to all HP-owned exhausted enemy.

At the latest title from the Fire Emblem series, there is a new feature, the avatar system which allows gamers to create and create playable characters with detailed ang better than previous titles.

Among the battle in this game, gamers can move a character on a map to talk with non-playable character (NPC) or buy an item that functions during a battle in the game.

There is a class system in this game, in which the different classes have the skills, strengths and weaknesses. In addition, gamers have the ability to change character classes, such as those in the previous title Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. After reaching a certain level, the character can diumah into a new class and gamers can choose classes based branch that can be selected. There are about 40 classes to choose from in this game. Karkater could have five skills at the same time, with the additional skills that can be obtained from the skills bank. This game also provides a new feature that allows the character to attack together with supporting karkater.

When fighting together, the characters have the ability to develop emotional ties to other characters. Some characters can even pair up and have offspring. At the start of the game, gamers Poker Online Terpercaya can create a character and choose the sex of the character Yag made so that it can be paired karkater and married to a character with the opposite sex (or can not marry same-sex pairs). Offspring of a pair of characters can be used in battle as well.

Gamers can select multiple levels of difficulty as normal, hard and lunatic. In contrast to the difficulties tinggak available, gamers can choose one of two modes in this game is casual and classic. The difference of the two modes it is when gamers play in classic mode, the characters are dead can not be revived after the fight finished. However, in casual mode, characters are dead will rise again after the fight ended.

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