Gears of Wars 2

Gears of Wars 2

Many games on the Xbox 360 that has a very challenging multiplayer mode while single player mode are poor or even vice versa. Very rarely a game that has two modes in a balanced and perfect, as examples of Halo 3, for example, Halo 3 multiplayer modes revered while the single player mode feels less attractive to ordinary gamers. Fortunately some of the game has two modes in a balanced and Gears of War 2 among them. Single player mode Gears of War 2 still using the same formula as the episode earlier in which the system cover and shoot so the main gameplay indonesia poker online and coupled with a solid action to make the single player mode Gears of War 2 is very interesting to play, especially if we want to know how fate delta squad after emergence day. The multiplayer mode gets increased quite a lot, as four new modes and ten new maps that allow ten players to play simultaneously, an increase of two people compared to the original Gears of War.

Gears of War 2 tells six months after the end of the original story. Locust too strong and they have drowned every human being from the city-owned underground leaving only a last city named Jacinto, it was exacerbated by the spread of rust lung disease that makes the human being in a very unfavorable conditions. With anxiety that come Jacinto city sunk by the Locust, Marcus Fenix ??and Dominic Santiago fought desperately to maintain Jacinto. Forget the robot army without emotion that can only be a mission in Gears of War because in this episode will revolve more human problems, we will find quite a few bursts of emotion that gives it some character Gears of War. An own reasons to keep fighting.

In gameplay, Gears of War 2 is basically still using theĀ cara bermain poker di android same formula with the original episode, but when considered in more depth, sheltering system is developed further so that we can take cover behind an object with a more hidden position. While some weapons gain additional functionality and reduction in force so as to make the game more balanced than before. We were also given a chance to crawl when dying, it could be a formula adder tension during multiplayer mode.

Although weapons Lancer more often accompany us during the campaign, but there are some new weapons are worth a try, as Flamethrower very suitable for enemies clustered, mulcher-shaped with the Troika but minus the protective front and Mortar is capable bombard an area with small rockets. In addition to weapons berproyektil, gun-type throwing increased functionality and additional types, smash a grenade into the side wall of the grenade will be changed into a mine is active, or try grenades new release toxins in a small room is guaranteed all the enemies in the room will be out in conditions crawl. All the weapons before its use was appropriate and balanced in multiplayer mode.

If you think the movement dismember enemies with the chainsaw bayonet is quite sadistic, then you will find some new, more violent movement and functional than the enemy sawing motion. When the enemy is dying in front of you, then you can do some movements to the enemy settlement. Destroy the head with a pedal using the X button, hit the head of an enemy with a melee attack belonged to the weapon using the B button, turn away your enemiesĀ tips pemula bermain poker and then rained on his face with punches brutally by pressing Y or make enemies as a meat shield that can provide defense against all attacks lightweight derived from the Lancer and the like. Sawing motion enemy also undergone renovation here and there. Now this movement there are two kinds of sawing enemy depending on from where the attack was launched. Moreover, if two people face to face position and ready to perform a melee attack with weapons Lancer, the chainsaw duel against the saw can not be circumvented. The brief duel involving button mashing can make cuts finger or calluses. Moreover, in a mission there is a boss that can only be countered by the methods of button mashing.

The most fun playing the game Gears of War 2 along with a friend, especially when this whole campaign system supports drop-in players anywhere and different levels of difficulty for two people at once. As mentioned above, the multiplayer mode is now experiencing a lot of additions either in terms of the number of players, battle maps and modes that can be selected. Mode Warzone, Execution, assassination and Annex, back we can choose, including King of the Hill introduced in the PC. In addition there are three new modes called Guardian, Submission, and Wingman. Submission is a variation of CTF mode but the flag was replaced with someone who can we bring the meat shield technique. Guardian fashion similar to the squad leader in Battlefield 2. Meanwhile Wingman mode, will divide us into two teams which go hand in hand in the battle. The most recent mode is Horde mode, in this mode the player will face the enemy with the number increasing continuously in each round. Each round must be at least one person was left to finish the round and if our team successfully entered a new round then the entire team will respawn back.

Gears of War 2 has ten new maps and a code to download five remastered maps derived from prekuelnya episode. Some new maps are inspired by the atmosphere of battle in the campaign such as for example, glass rain that occurred amid the fighting so as to prevent anyone to get out of the building or large holes that could lead to savage creatures that could kill anyone who approached.

In terms of graphics, Gears of War 2, re-make us stunned with the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 3.0. Although graphically no increase excessive but when considered more deeply, there is an increased complexity of an object’s surface, from there look how greedy this game against the raw power of a console. Plus happen massive increase on the number of enemy we face so you could say Gears of War 2 is very draining raw power the Xbox 360. If we review the sound, Gears of War 2 is very dependent on the sound device that you have, when you have sound devices are very supportive, guaranteed voice clarity owned by Gears of War 2 could rival the clarity of sound movies. If we combine all the advantages brought by this game, then obviously Gears of War 2 is very worthy of our collection, especially for those who want to know the continuation of the story of Marcus Fenix ??and wars on the planet Sera.

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