Grand Chase M.

Grand Chase M

Lime, Ronan, Elesis, Arme, Lire, is a collection of selected elite forces of the Kingdom Kanaban and SERDIN pursuit that has a special mission. In accordance with the name of the game, Grand Chase M, the pursuit is to defeat the evil wizard KazeAaze that could disturb the peace of the world.

Using tactical RPG theme, you will play five characters in one team, which has special abilities to destroy the enemy there. Designed with an attractive 3D graphics and also the skill that is interesting, Grand Chase M ought to become a mandatory RPG game you play.

There are many different kinds of characters can acquire. However, when starting the game, you’ll get the default character Elesis (Knight / Tank), Arme (Magician / Healer), and Lire (Archer / DPS). And if you are completing the tutorial, then there is one more hero who will join the team, namely SpellKnight Ronan (Knight / Tank).

Each character will have four diverse skills, two active skills, passive skills 1, and 1 special skill. You will get active skill to-2 if the hero has reached more than a 2 star for his own special skill, you will see the skill gauge under the Health Points (HP) hero when entering the fight. If it is full, then there will be a button that you can press to issue a special skill.

Each hero has a special skill and ability buffs different. Special ability and skill will increase the percentage buffnya damage if used together.

As the game RPGs in general, dungeon crawling mode is still preferred to use the developer. Grand Chase M will have six pieces of region dungeon. That SERDIN, Kanaban, Silver Land, Ellia Continent, Atum, and the latter is the Xenia Continent.

In each Region will have 10 dungeons, which will have 2 mini bosses and one big boss. There will be two pieces on each dungeon stage for a common enemy, and 3 pieces of stages to be completed when meeting with the boss or mini-boss. If the sixth region is successful you get done, then the next level will open. There are 3 stages of the level of the region, namely Normal, Hero and Legend.

In addition to a dungeon, you can also play other modes such as Dimension Crack, if you need gold for various uses in the game. Then there’s Wanted List, which provides a variety of gifts such as chest and essence when finish.

In addition there is a Hall of Heroes that can be used to summon a character daftar review through an item called Hero Summon Stone, which, if you managed to defeat the hero, then you will get a card. These items can be used and embedded into the equipment to get additional status.

There would be something missing if game with RPG theme does not have a function raid. Grand Chase M course do not forget to enter that mode. In the raid mode, you will be faced with a dragon that has HP 400K. Although it can not kill him, you will still get a reward for doing a raid provided 2 times a day. Next up is the Battle Arena for the guys who love to compete with another player.

The latter is the Wizard Mode Labyrinth. In that mode, you can choose 5 pieces labyrinth attributes that you want to accomplish. Each labyrinth will have nine pieces of flooring, which will provide a variety of items at random. Each mode above will open if you complete each region map.

After playing for a few days, this game can be considered quite promising. Switching from a PC to a mobile platform, Grand Chase M is very easy and interesting to play. Various features are given a very unique and makes you can not stop. How not, in every mode you link alternatif gamespools compete with friends who are there to rank and reward the most high.

System enhancement offered is not too complicated. To forge a weapon or armor, you just need to find equipment that can be searched through the dungeon crawling as victimizing. Meanwhile, to upgrade the rating hero, you need the essence corresponding to attribute hero. Essence consists of attributes of Fire, Water, Tree, Metal and Earth.

To be able to get the necessary Essence, you can look through fashion Wanted List, Quest, or dungeon. Later you will get a monster that can be extracted into Essence Fragment. If you’ve collected 10 Essence Fragment, then you can do bind to turn it into one piece Essence. For the record, the hero must be at the level for the MAX can promote to the next star.

If you are quite difficult to raise the level of hero, available features grow, which lets you perform the sacrifice on one monster as experience points. So, you can choose whether these monsters serve as Essence Fragment, or as an experience to raise the level of character.

There is one thing that is quite interesting in mobile game link alternatif gamespools Grand Chase M’s. You do not have to worry if the archer character suppose you do not have a great weapon. While the inventory is only available a sword or ax commonly used characters Knight. But it does not apply in this game. Each character can be free to use any weapon, even though Knight could use Bow-shaped arms. But of course the drawback is, the attributes of existing weapons, not necessarily appropriate and required by the hero.

In-app purchase for themselves, Grand Chase M sense-it is not too show towards “matre”. Because you can get a gem for free simply by completing quests and play modes available.

Broadly speaking, this game is very interesting to play, You will strive to increase the character’s ability to compete with friends and also the other players. However, perhaps the weakness is, as the game has just released globally, there are still some bugs that make them do not get the rewards they should receive.

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