Guardian Hunter - SuperBrawlPRG

Guardian Hunter – SuperBrawlRPG

Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG is a latest mobile game output NHN Entertainment Corp. from Korea. The theme of the spring-action RPG, this game uses characters anime as a selling point. For you who love games like Heart Castle (Asiasoft) or Summoner Wars (Com2us), maybe this could be your game selection.

Taking the theme that combines fantasy character with a cute picture, this game tells the story of the collapse of the empire Kelthos located in Bellian continent because of the war between allies. But, unfortunately, the former king Kelthos, William, uses the power of the devil to take back the country, and making the continent Bellian be chaotic.

Your job as a Hunter is to conquer the monsters are, and also to tame them as the Guardian Bellian restore peace on the continent.

As previously mentioned, in this game your main task is to collect the Guardian with the goal of becoming stronger. At the time of starting the game, you will be able to choose what you want to use Hero. There are 3 types of options that can be selected Hero, namely Warrior (melee), where he will have a stronger defense and health points (HP) higher. Then there is also Archer (remotely), which has its advantages can be more easily produce a critical hit during the daftra games attack. And the last is the Sorceress (magic), for those of you who like to destroy the enemy by using magic. Such characters have advantages attack a large area and a quite wide range.

You can use all three of these characters are alternated turns, if you get bored using Archer character, then you can change the character to a Warrior or Sorceress. But we need you to remember, the character level will start from level 1. So if you’ve been Archer character at level 15, and you change to a Sorceress, then you Sorceress level is level 1. But do not worry, you link alternatif gamespools will still Archer character at the same level.

For Guardian will you have, they have a 1-7 star level. The higher the level of star-owned Guardian of you, the more rare and stronger is the Guardian. You can do a train (raise the level of guardian), using the guardian unused. And also do evolve if it has the required items.

Dungeon Map the best solution for those of you who want to raise the level of Guardian quickly. Because guardian that you get in the dungeon provide high exp when used as a ‘scapegoat’ for your main Guardian.

Guardian will be very useful in the features provided by the game. The first is the Infinite Dungeon. You will be in a room filled with monsters forces. You will be challenged sebarapa much you can stand. There will be no restrictions rounds, while you still can, then it will continue to run the dungeon. Later, based on points earned, you will be placed on the ranking board, and situs alternatif gamespools each ranking will have a different reward. You will use two Guardian yours to enter the dungeon.

Then there’s the Guardian Arena. In this feature, you will be using 5 pieces Guardian that now you have to fight other people’s Guardian. You need to remember, there is a limit to the amount by star owned Guardian Guardian. That is, You will be given a slot of up to 14 star (over the game, will be increased). So, if you have two Guardian with star 7, the slot will be used up (14/14).

During my playing days, even though the game offers in-app purchase, until you reach level 20, I think the purchase is not required. Instead of using a crystal and a medal, gold has an important role in developing the characters and Guardian yours. Because, to train Guardian, upgrade skill character, and evolve Guardian, you are going to use gold that is not small.

For those of you who do not have time to play continuously, this game also provides functionality that facilitates auto Guardian Hunter you play this game. Broadly speaking, this game may not be too different from the game Heart Castle. That is an action RPG game, to have a feature to capture various monsters and make it as your combat power.

That caught my attention related to the game itself is a function that allows the character selection I change jobs without having to make new again. Despite starting again from level 1, it was easier for us if you want to use another job.

Besides the function of friendship here also help us in completing each stage. Because we will be given the option to use one of the Guardian belongs to our friend. So you do not need to be too flat in improving existing Guardian, and enough focus on improving the most powerful Guardian. Because as spelled out above, you would use the gold that did little to improve the Guardian.

Enhancment function in-game weapons and armor have also made different from the games I’ve ever played. You will get an item called Enhance Stone. The item allows you to forge items with a certain level of success, without having to incorporate the same item, and using gold.

Which is becoming less attractive game gameplay Guardian Hunter is a game that could be considered is a lot. However, in general I enjoy the game.

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