Harvest Moon - Island of Happiness

Harvest Moon : Island of Happiness

Do not feel the series has accompanied us for over ten years commencing from the first game that appeared on the SNES and Natsume Harvest Moon series has made the indonesia poker online last withdrawal of a series of sports games that always displays the same title and the pattern of the game are well maintained. Harvest Moon series will be the arrival of two new titles, Island of Happiness for NDS and Tree of Tranquility for Wii. On the Island of Happiness Harvest Moon you will get classic lengkpang with control very slippery so a little difficult to play.

As usual elements of the story is always given first priority by Natsume. This time you will begin fields with conditions little sense. Narrated your farm started in the middle of the desert, rather than looking for help with the people who survived, all of you would prefer to raise the barren land into lush and full of life. The characters that populate the world is very exciting and full of interesting dialogue, but is optional. So when you’re tired of working and you want an interaction with your environment, you can do it anytime without having studied social interactions complex and convoluted.

If you are already an expert play Harvest Moon games, you will¬†cara bermain poker di android also learn how to start a farm with great ease. Initially all be running slowly, you will be a little tongpes and experiencing lean times. Once you expand your farm land, there will be a new hope and a better fate than before. There will be a lot of material that can harvest ditanama, in addition you will have chickens, sheep, cows and so forth after you perform a variety of upgrading the property you have. You can also get married and have a child, even though it looks scary considering the character we have never seen a child older than eleven years old. With so many responsibilities that you waistband and sometimes emerge at any time, you’re not going through a phase of stunned or no job. After several years count in the game, you will see the island’s growing on land that was originally barren and filled with rocks, turning into a metropolis. Natsume incorporate some of the features at once so that we can not stop taking care of all the needs or printing money from agricultural land. Perhaps the only one of the toughest challenges we faced was boredom that arises due to play this game protracted, but that’s the magic Harvest Moon works.

As with other episodes, Island of Happiness prioritize daily work. Harvest Moon previous episode, interesting enough so that makes us hypnotized so constantly play these games to just menyabut weeds or milking. In the Island of Happines used magic is still the same, but the use of touch-screen inaccuracies spoil the experience of playing Harvest Moon.

You control your character around using the stylus. Interaction with objects or people is done by tapping the object with the stylus. The use of such control is managed so perfectly to other NDS title, but it is less successful for games that take into account the duration of meticulously as Harvest Moon. You will often drop things, picking up items that are not needed, pour water in the wrong section, mistakenly select menus and much more. In general, all these¬†tips pemula bermain poker problems are going to spend your stamina and your time. If there is an option to use the D-pad, will definitely feel more “Happy” to spend some time at the Island of Happines. Meanwhile the D-pad instead be used to shortcut equipment that we carry or wear. Unfortunately we have to press the button twice the D-pad to wear items that we have laid in the shortcut. The icons also appear small and hard pressed, so that you might be hard to wear things that you need or just twirling character.

Island of Happiness appear convincing when compared to the previous Harvest Moon episode in NDS which is more felt as a port of the GBA. 3D graphics look unites perfectly with 2D sprites, let alone every season appear quite detailed with discoloration on the leaves of trees. While the upper screen of the DS is used only for a map and a long time to play, so felt it was the function of the second screen is less than optimal. From the point of music, the atmosphere and excitement of the theme portrayed very clearly let alone all the sound effects that are scattered throughout the game sounds real. Despite the control problems are quite complicated, but the game is able to enchant us to play it again and again.

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