Last Window - The Secret of Cape West

Last Window : The Secret of Cape West

If you are quite familiar with the company named developer Cing, then we are also very confident that you will remember once the hallmark of the games they’ve ever released. There franchise Another Code and Hotel Dusk there is also: Room 215. Now, Cing comes back with the sequel to Hotel Dusk is called Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. Yes, the formula used by Cing game is quite unique. They put more emphasis on the game tempo is slow, much oriented to dialogue and just rely on just point and click during the game. The difference, a game developed by Cing is really offering a very interesting story to be listened to. Of course on the condition, you must have the patience of its own to follow the story.

The story of this game is set in 1980, exactly one year after the events in Hotel Dusk and as already we expressed above, this sequel still comes with the same formula. The location used is the city of Los Angeles described exactly like the era at that time. A thing that we think is interesting to observe, let alone this game offers a number of considerable intrigue intriguing.

Just as in Hotel Dusk, released in 2007, this time using the Last Window location of an apartment (former hotel to be exact), named Cape West. The place is home to the game’s protagonist, Kyle Hyde. This is where you will be dealing with the problems that exist, where you will also find a number of secrets that are given in this game, met with several existing characters and play a minigame that is no less interesting.

At the beginning of the game, you will witness the firing of a Kyle Hyde from a company called Red Crown, a sales company which has a side business in the form of search items lost or stolen and usually it’s all done for clients who tend to be mysterious. Not long after that, you come across the fact that it turned out to where you live will soon be sold in less than a week, and residents are required to go out and look for another place to live. But the main problem is not that. Because, not some time later, Kyle get an order to search for Scarlet Star, which apparently contained in this West Cape. As the story began to grow further. There is a problem of theft, loss of goods and even murder that occurred 13 years ago returned to be raised here.

Actually, not too many changes are seen here. Broadly speaking, you will still be dealing with a model provided by the game Hotel Dusk earlier. You still will hold the DS you with such force was reading a book and stylus you who will be the main control you here. During the game, you can check something and search for information and compare anything with ease. When you’re dealing with a door, you can choose to knock on the door, trying to open the door or rang the doorbell of the house.

Meanwhile, when you meet with other characters, you will be directly involved in a conversation, which requires you to pay attention to what is actually being discussed, so that you do not miss the storyline. In a way, the story in this game is quite linear as the instructions given by the game is quite clear and you need to do is fulfill what was thought by Hyde then. He thinks want to go back to the room? Immediately, Hyde guided to the room. Want to cafe? Guided directly to the cafe. Want to meet someone? Guided directly to the person’s room or looking for a place that allows us to find that someone.

So what makes this game be fun? As we have expressed above, this game is more focused on the story. It was all interspersed with some pitfalls measures presented by Cing. Why do we call it a trap? Because sometimes, exactly what is required by the game at one time is not always done. Sometimes when you are wrong to respond, the end result is a game ends aliases game over. Yes, here it is not a state of blood run out or you have failed to save someone who will frustrate you in the game Poker Online Terpercaya, but rather to if you fail to provide the appropriate response to those around you.

Perhaps the only shortcoming that we feel in this game is the lack of conversation really using one’s voice. During the game, if there is dialogue though, you will only be presented with the image of Hyde and his interlocutor who was moving to follow what they were talking about. Fortunately, the animated image of this game, even though a little stiff and awkward, but it can still attract and includes quite nice to look at.

Last comment from us, this is one of the best action game without the elements we’ve played so far. If you like the Hotel Dusk and wondered how the life of Kyle Hyde thereafter, you shall play this game. Indeed, the most interesting elements in this game lies in the way the story is often shocked. Although impressed by the simple, suppose this is just an interactive game, where you just need to give the right answer to progress further in the game.

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