LEGO Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures

LEGO Indiana Jones : The Original Adventures

Once satisfied with war stories of stars in very distant galaxies, now brings another story Lego games are slightly grounded namu still complete with a fantasy theme ala George Lucas. Lego Indiana Jones: The Complete Trilogy will take the original story of the trilogy of Indiana Jones-style complete with Lego style of delivery. This game presents a Lego toy that endeared indonesia poker online everyone in story form Indiana Jones, some clever puzzles and hilarious characters. I who was less able to enjoy the story Indiana Jones joined smiling made.

Such as Lego Star Wars, this game is the actual core of solving puzzles with little combat and platforming elements. Several major experience has not changed much compared with the original version but now every puzzle made more interesting and challenging the power of reason. In the previous game, there are several elements that make the maniacs puzzle or riddle feel challenged to solve the problems available and this is actually frustrating regular gamers who just want to follow the story of Star Wars. Now it is slightly reduced so that everyone can enjoy the game Lego this time.

Although the adventure theme dominating this time, but various impediments will require you looking for new ways to solve problems facing and this is what makes me comfortable for long play. A very amusing puzzle connection between Indiana phobia about snakes. Just imagine our main character capable of swinging over hot lava only with his whip or run while being chased by a giant rock that can be grinding to sprawl Indiana Jones was not afraid of it, but try to put snakes in his presence guaranteed he would turn into a coward and clumsy. Battle against bosses also requires you to solve puzzles that vary, from trying to hurt people who canĀ cara bermain poker di android always heal themselves or face a boss that can not stop jumping and do not let you be late finishing the puzzles or head will be shattered. In the other part you will find the typical movie scenes like an elephant ride or ride trains in the Temple of Doom.

Although Puzzle already makes this game interesting but the humor is presented makes Lego this time more enjoyable even for people who play it just to see the action of Indiana Jones. Several short scenes in the game can take you into the adventure that is more ridiculous than that portrayed by Steven Spielberg in the original version. You will see some silly scenes like Lego that has a face like Harrison Ford wearing a blond wig in order to deceive the guards. Cuteness does not end there, on the scene you escape from the palace in flames you will find paintings Sphinx statue complete with Lego chief enemy forces or masked Darth Vader. All humor is presented to bring the series has its own appeal and I hope that the Kingdom of Crystall Skull participate made Legonya version.

Playing repeatedly in this game mebawa brings its own preoccupations, there are several packages that contain secrets that you might not find in a game. To get all the objects you need to open a free mode which makes you able to freely explore each level. Whips confidence Indy other than used for swinging or pull objects from afar, flogging can also be used for other things such as, attractive women approach you, bringing scientists to decipher the writing hieroglyphics, interesting little character who is able to enter into the hole, pull repairman complete with lock English or shovel or criminals who could enter the secret door. You are very lucky if finish this game 50% in the once over.

Nothing is perfect in the world of Lego, character-driven AI is very stupid when some puzzles require that you work together with your partner, the only way to solve this puzzle is to invite your friends to play or you move both alone for the sake of the completionĀ tips pemula bermain poker of the puzzle. Besides the fight very repetitive and a little frustrating especially when the enemy came very much when you are again trying to complete a puzzle. The battle against the boss is also quite difficult to do because the bosses are protected by an army of enemies that caused me to have to repeat many times the same level. Everything can not stop me to continue playing, but it felt quite annoyed considering this problem already exists in previous Lego games, and now once again I should be haunted by the same problem.

The third version of Lego Indy is synonymous with one another but the version most fun is the Wii version, you can use all the functions of the Wii Mote but you may be let go this opportunity to remember playing this game using the Wii Mote takes more time than using a controller normal. Imagine, it took me five minutes just to dig a piece of treasure.

Game Indiana Jones Lego version providing significant progress when compared Lego Star Wars, puz speed, humor included and puzzles are easy but not cheap to make this game a Lego game that is easy to enjoy and quite exciting. Some secret items make me play this game over and over. Lego Indiana Jones is very suitable for beginners or heavy Indy fan who expects epic tale but a little funny ala Indiana Jones.

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