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Life is Strange

Life is Strange when it was first announced, I obviously feel very interested in seeing my favorite theme is the story of maturation as well as travel time can be merged into one. But, what makes me interested, at once shocked, is the fact that this game was done by Dontnod Entertainment are popular through the game Remember Me, and published by Square Enix that … well you should know the one who was Square Enix.

Life is Strange tells the story with the background of high school life in the United States. This background will remind you with a variety of movies or series like Roswell, Smallville, or Donnie Darko. Just as the titles I mentioned just now, Life is Strange also has a supernatural element in the story. So whether this mystical element can run harmoniously with SMA that carried the story? Or more importantly this section can successfully implemented both in gameplay Life is Strange? Find the answer below.

The first episode is always the most important part of the story, especially poker online indonesia for a game that has a unique gameplay mechanism, and the first episode titled Life is Strange Chrysalis proven to successfully carry out their duties properly. In this first episode will be the introduction of the characters, the world Life is Strange, as well as the gameplay mechanism actually delivered very well.

Game opens with a scene that is quite surreal and then suddenly move to events in a class led by a teacher who is too cool to be able to be found in the real world (although if you’re lucky, you might never met a teacher like this in your school). From here until the next few scenes you’ll be presented with an environment that so perfectly illustrate the life of high school in the United States as it is commonly portrayed in many movies or TV series, but quite rarely shown in a video game.

Depiction of high school life is not only delivered from the environment or the characters in the game, but also through the quality of the writing in the game. Dialogues that occur between the characters, as well as the monologue is going on in the mind of the main character, Max Caulfield, feels really like what’s coming out of the mouth or adolescent mind. Starting from speaking style, intrigue they experience, to immaturity of their thought patterns, all illustrated very well in Life is Strange.

The portrayal of teenage life is also communicated through art direction which is great. Life is Strange has a menu in a game that was described like an artificial ABG situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia journal complete with a trivial topic, how to write a very casual and filled with pop culture references, as well as illustrations and photographs are affixed with disheveled style but looks artistic.

The quality of art direction and writing high is also shown by the designs of posters, brochures, or digital information content (yes you can open the computer to check Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.) are scattered in the game. You can check the entire objects trivial to find out more about the world picture Life is Strange. This section is very reminds me of the game Gone Home which has a way of telling the story like this.

From where we have been discussing about Life is Strange as the story background of high school, but what about the other important part of this game is part supernatural. The main character of this game, Max Caulfield, has the ability to distort time. This makes the story Life is Strange become as interesting as Donnie Darko, or Smallville, but it also makes a great element of gameplay Strange Life is so interesting. This feature makes part of the puzzle Strange Life is so much more qualified than a game with similar genres like Telltale games made and Quantic Dreams.

During the game you’re in episode 1, not only you who twist the ability to learn about this time, because the main character Max was still unfamiliar with his new powers. Throughout the episode, you will be presented with the daily life of Max as a high school student, how he began to familiarize himself with the power to control time, and the story searching for the reason why suddenly he was granted extraordinary powers. Some other mysteries will be revealed throughout the episode as well as indications of mystery that will appear in the next episode will also be found in the first episode.

To add depth gameplay, in this game you can also collect various objects or special events that can be Max photograph as part of the collectible in every episode. Every time you shoot a new object then you will get the achievement or trophy which is probably Web Alternatif Pokerclub88 a very important thing for gamers who like to collect them to embellish their online profiles. Fortunately, if you miss a certain object, after completing an episode you can go back to the moments to retrieve the object without affecting the choices stories that you have taken.

Above I already touched on the art direction quality of this game, but what about the visual quality of the technical terms? Unfortunately Life is Strange less dazzling in this section. Strange graphics in Life is not clearly visible between the stylish low-poly or 3D usual, makes this game seem like a game from the early era of the PS3. Not to mention at the beginning of an area usually game frame rate will decline slightly. But fortunately low graphics quality is covered by the overall quality of the game are quite high.

Lastly is the music business. Life is Strange has an array of licensed music from a wide range of quality indie musicians who accompany the moments you play this game. Names like Mogwai, Amanda Palmer, Local Natives, Syd Matters, Angus and Julia Stone, and others, you will find here. Music selection is appropriate further improve adolescent impression owned Life is Strange. If you are interested, you can listen to a list of songs in the playlist Strange Life is the following.

Overall Life is Strange successfully presenting a pleasant gaming experience. With shades of high school teenagers are very strong and mystical element that is implemented very well into the game, I immediately missed periods of high school I have ever experienced, although I do not go to school in the United States, and of course I also can not distort time when High School (now still can not unfortunately). If you need a good quality game story and the puzzles are not too bothersome brain but still forced to think, then Life is Strange is the perfect game for you.

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