Video games are an art of the combined visualization, sound, and something we call gameplay. Limbo is a perfect example of the blend of those three things, blend harmoniously, creating something amazing. This game comes without words, without dialogue, and without explanation, but managed to make the players understand the meaning of this game, even easier to understand than most games. Limbo is a puzzle-platformer genre game, which comes with a 2D display black and white, and is one of the best multiplatform games this year, both on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

In the game, players play a little boy who suddenly woke up in the forest, without knowing who he was, how to get to the forest, and also do not know where he is going. Players are required to find out what is there and also occurs in the forest, until finally the players realize that the forest is a very dangerous place, and the goal became clear after the players know that the situation is not safe, that immediately escape from the forest. No cutscene loading or display which stop the action of the player, the player makes it easier to quickly escape from the world of Limbo tense. From the start at the end of the game, this game is not no stopping bring surprises, fun, and also a terrible thing to players.

There is a slight discrepancy in the storyline game. At the beginning of the game, players will be faced with many interesting creatures. Once past that, players will be on a deserted industrial area. Puzzles that are in the game will evolve into a more interesting and more complicated, but the loss of another life form to make an emotional connection to the game player to be reduced. End of story Limbo can make players cringe, ending one of the best games the player can see in this game. At the end of the game, players will find the puzzles are more and more to be completed, and then the adventure players will end abruptly.

The player’s character will often experience death in this game. But do not worry, the player will not be frustrated because of this. The game developers describe the game Limbo is like a game of trial-and-death. When players roam in the forest, the player will be faced with obstacles that often kill the player character suddenly in a very terrible. Players will often see scenes of a little boy who severed by a bear trap, but after the player character dies, the player character will be revived just before the trap to behead the player character, sehinggap player can think of the right way to avoid that trap. This game is a clever game that eventually became the game that is quite difficult to resolve. The player is guaranteed to stand in silence in front of the console for five to six hours to finish this game Poker Online Terpercaya. This game does have gameplay that is not long, but presents the gameplay is very slick.

The sound effects that are in this game also has its own charm. Many of the puzzles that require players to carefully listen to the sound effects to be able to find a way past the riddle. Although there is no soundtrack in this game, the sound effects of the existing environment in the game enough to make the atmosphere becomes tense.

Limbo is a game that deserves an award. There is little current games that have different gameplay, and also a brilliant idea as presented Limbo. This game deserves to be collected by everyone. Adventure that is in Limbo is very short, but players will be entertained every minute of it. Limbo is a game that can be easily liked.

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