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Was alone at home and confused want to chat with? Try any application called Line messenger. Although this application is not classified as new applications in our ears, but this application provides several features that are required to glance.

Thanks to developers from Japan, Naver, this application has its own fans. Sure, this application has a common concept like rival BBM, whatsapp and others. Want to know what daftar review kind of application called Line Messenger appearance, let’s follow this review.

Come on in to the early appearance, user interface, it looks more elegant and comfortable. It is suitable for the teens and adults. There are only four tabs are available namely Friends, Chats, Timeline and More.

Friends tab section plastered who among their friends using Line Messenger application. When we click our profile picture will display a pop-up like this. Edit Profile to edit the user details Line Messenger application. Further when they click on your profile picture, then given the option to Take a Photo, Choose from Gallery, Delete Photo and Cancel.

Further to the Chats tab. In this tab provides the latest information you communicate with friends. Click on the photo when your friends want to check the contents in the last conversation. Want to immediately call the phone call, just click the top-bottom menu located top right and select Free Call. If you want to block unwanted friend simply click the Block button. Guaranteed friends have you block will not bother you again deh.

Due to Line Messenger has an interesting feature called Free Call, we immediately wanted to try it. Quite easy really, first we have to remain in the Chat tab. Then select the friends you want us deh phone will automatically bring up the option Chat, Free Call and Home. Select deh Free Call, the display changes into a position called.

Still in the same tab now we will try to send a message to a friend. If sabung ayam online indonesia only send a text alone is incredible, we tried a wide selection of images available Stickers, Emoji and Emotions. Wah drawing cute rabbit design especially diverse expressions.

The next tab so our goal is to Timeline. Well here we can be the status of friends, can be likened to the Home page on Facebook. Here all the friends you can still make a status once expressed it with a wide selection of images that have been mentioned above.

Ok move to the last tab is More. This tab is a complementary feature that is not contained in the previous three tabs. Features that can be selected is Add Freinds, Settings, Home, Sticker Shop, Official Accounts and a wide selection of the official game of Naver. First go to the Add Friends first yes. In this section you can invite other friends to use the app Line Messenger, now you live selection manually or Friend Recommendations.

When bored add friends in the usual way, Line Messenger provides another option anyway. First we will try to read the QR Code. The uniqueness of this feature is that you do not need to charge the phone number, because it leads to a QR Code with your friend smartphone will instantly caught and stayed Add deh. Easy right?

The second way that Shake it !. Sure sounds quite strange when I first tested this feature. Unfortunately, this feature can only be used smartphone is integrated with the accelerometer. So you just have to confront each other smartphone and tilt simultaneously. The last way is the Search by ID. To this end the best way, you should know beforehand ID friends who want to add. ID is divided into the two types of user IDs that can be set manually or by the Public User ID.

Moving on to the Chat Room, here the user can freely customize associated with the display when you’re chatting with a friend. Chat Wallpaper function to our profile picture. Font Size to letter size. Send With Return Key to send a message to the Return key. Screen Options for setting the screen that follows the position of the smartphone, you can set Auto Rotation, Vertically or Horizontally Fixed Fixed. Photo Quality for quality settings when you’re sharing images judi sabung ayam online indonesia with friends or in a group. Clear Chat History function to delete the entire contents of the conversation from the beginning to the last. Receive Voice Calls for receiving a phone call from a friend, if unchecked means your friend will not be able to call you with the application Line Messenger.

Log in to the Sticker Shop. Here users purchase other additional sticker available in Line Messenger. Sticker Shop is divided into three tabs, namely Top, New and Events. We jelasin one by one yes. Top is the most popular sticker, New is a sticker that is still fresh new alias and the last tab is the Event is a special offer of Naver. Suppose you install other games available on the Events tab, then there’s got a bonus sticker associated with the game. Hmmm .. funny!


Official Account, this section presents all the artist’s official accounts as well as popular company. If you do not believe please see the screenshot below. After already dissect the contents Line Messenger, it is time we continue to try one of the game belonged to the Naver Line Pop version 1.2.0.

Beginning the first time we tried this game feel back to childhood. Design bright colors, comfortable music in the ears and a given feature is not too complicated. Pop Line first opened will bring up a pop-up Tutorial. Want to see first hand just click the Tutorial button, if you want to skip the live press “X”. Want to know what the settings in this game, we tried to switch in to the Settings menu. Pretty simple turns, Naver only provides two settings only the BGM and Sound FX.

Already can not wait to try out the game, let’s just click Play. Players are only given as much time as one minute. Because this game is a match-3 puzzle game, players must match at least three same object. When is it hard to match each of the same object simply wait a few seconds only, then this game hints encircling a box-shaped object in question. Now we just pull from the object circled toward the direction of the line.

Still difficulty as well, quiet no power-ups available anyway. Look no pink rabbit face flaming, power-ups that we mean. If we click on the object is the same object then automatically be broken in one board. When the time wanted to move-out, brown bears will come out from the bottom as she let out an exclamation. Once completed, plastered deh results of the player’s score. When you taste the best score, please direct them to show off with other friends by hitting the Share button. The more often the player creates a new record will certainly affect the level of the player.

Want to buy extra hearts to start the game, go straight to the Shop and you can redeem five gems with five hearts. Quite balanced right? When you want to earn extra hearts than to buy through Shop, there are other ways you enough, ask your friends why you just by clicking Invite a Friends.

Little information in play Pop Line. Each time you start a game, the players need the hearts and if continue to play for at least eight minutes, the players get the hearts.

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