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Loadout is a third person shooter game for free has just been released by indie game developer Edge of Reality who have been involved in the development of various AAA games such as Dragon Age: Origins, The Sims 3 and Mass Effect. Loadout own gain popularity is quite high, as evidenced by the time this review is made loadout has reached the tenth position in the highest number of players on Steam, which is 29 thousand more. What makes this game so popular?

Loadout is a third person shooter game which is very competitive, where you play one of the three characters inspired by the actors famous action films like Rambo and fight against other players using a variety of weapons that full customization.

If I was told to explain loadout to people who have never played it, then I would say that this game is Battlefield 4 versions third person version of ‘lebay’ where realistic weapons yours could be turned into a rocket launcher capable of making the foot opponent disappear entirely or even heal wounds friends , Then avatar that looks like a soldier ready for war become Rambo to body, mouth and eyes that are too large, and there is no wall where you hiding, because for Rambo hiding it just for sissies.

Loadout into the game with a graphic style very funny and does not hesitate to show any form of violence throughout any vulgar. It is precisely thanks to the graphic style that does not look scary at all will make you burst out laughing when the Rambo still continued to fight with the back of the perforated or spend his last breath for fours left half his body while shouting with super big mouth.

Moreover, after enjoying the view of this hilarious Rambo will rise up again poker online indonesia and you will return to fight, in the hope this time you are watching your opponent crawling and killed with a body full of hundreds of spiked iron ball you fired.

There is no time when you could stand still and relax in loadout. You will always jump, run, roll, shoot, or do four things at once when you were fighting. It could be said, loadout be one game third person shooter with the highest level of chaos that I’ve played so far and my heart never stopped pounding every time I fight.

If you play Battlefield, Call of Duty, or other FPS games as a sniper and spend most of your time in silence in one place to kill five opponent before being stabbed in the back by an opponent who is very upset, in loadout likely you will manage to kill one opponent after cara curang bermain poker online indonesia stabbed ten times by the opponent. Loadout is a game with a very high degree of pacing, and if you want to become a specialist sniper, you have to start training in response to shoot, because there will be no soft targets who are squatting hiding behind a rock or standing upright waiting to be shot.

Unfortunately the problem server might be a problem that is quite disturbing for us playing from Indonesia. Currently only available servers are located in America, Europe and Australia. During this time the best connection I can get from America and Australia, and even then my ping is always highest in every game, which is in the top 100.

Of course for a game that is so competitive and super high-level pacing this to be a pretty big problem. In addition loadout still having server problems, either due to overload or indeed there is a bug. I had to wait 20 minutes more with my friend in the lobby and we failed to get a room. This does not happen when I play solo a few hours earlier. I can only hope that these problems can be quickly remedied.

Combat system is offered in loadout is already quite impressive, but this game does not stop there. Currently I am pretty sure loadout weapons modification system has the coolest ever. Game closest in this aspect may simply Worms 3D on the PlayStation 2, which cara bermain poker di android you can modify your special weapon to have a variety of different attributes. Loadout offers a highly modular system modifications where you are free to change various parts of your weapon to get the attribute that fits you.

When I started the modification of weapons, I change the type of bullet that previously conventional bullet-shaped into a laser, then I change the bullet into a healing element that changed my weapon functions of the original to kill the opponent will be to heal the wounds of a friend. Then I re-change cooling system that makes my healer laser guns are more durable, but require a longer time to heal the wounds. Then … You should try it yourself.

Modification system is absolutely stunning and I spent more than 20 minutes to work on and perform tests to obtain a weapon that most “I really love”, ie laser gun electrical low voltage (small attacks) with a cooling system (not quickly overheat ) and x-ray sensor best in class (ne!).

Astonishing feature of the loadout still has not stopped. One more interesting feature offered by this game is the Tech Tree, the technology hierarchy that you can use to improve the performance of each weapon you use. Is yours sniper not produce enough damage? Increase the level of barrel length! Or lasermu too quickly overheat? Increase the level of coolant! You can use the in-game money to increase the level of tech tree. However, various parts you use can also increase the level after getting XP enough if you frequently use such weapons. This feature gives you a reason to continue to fight to get XP or money to further strengthen the weapon.

What about the IAP? Obviously as the game Free to Play, loadout have IAP systems, and solid currency IAP is only used for things that do not affect gameplay such as costume and character slots. Actually, you can buy a boost that will increase the number of in-game money that you can from every game, but the amount that you can actually have very sufficient to unlock parts or to increase the level of tech instantly if you are willing to save a minute.

Which may be a bit I regret is the cost of the costumes are very expensive. Actually, when I try this game I want to “donate” a little to get a cool costume while supporting cool games, but once I realized that one set of costumes from helmet to boots pegged at around USD 360,000, I decided to save the money to buy the game just.

All the costumes are offered pretty cool, and unfortunately none of which can be purchased using in-game currency. It means that if you never spend money (like most of the other players), your character will look exactly like almost all the other players. But as I have mentioned before loadout had just released two days ago, and I really hope the developer will issue costumes can be purchased using in-game currency.

For those of you who are willing to spend enough, you will find a variety of unique items and cool. The picture above is Rambo marine who was wearing a costume of a widescreen movie Aliens and using ridicule style Gangnam Style. There are many other cool items such as costume complete suit ala Man in Black and style ridicule style of Michael Jackson.

I think I do not need to tell again about loadout my opinion, because it looks very clear that I am very impressed with this game. If you love the game third person and first person shooter like Gears of War competitive, Battlefield series, CoD series, and others, I am sure you will really like this game. If you have never played the game, still try it! This game could be a possibility of early fall love you with a competitive shooter game!

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