Luminous Arc 2

For those who’ve never played Luminous Arc, certainly will not feel awkward with the gameplay offered by Luminous Arc 2. In general, Luminous Arc 2 has similarities with the previous series. But it is not just like it. Of course Luminous Arc 2 has a style of play that is quite unique. It is an outline of Luminous Arc 2.

For the story, Luminous Arc 2 was not a continuation of Luminous Arc 1. However, later indonesia poker online you will see there are some characters from Luminous Arc 1 which will act as a cameo. Beyond that, you’ll get a story that is completely new, a new storyline, new characters and for once, this is really a stand-alone game. For those who want to play Luminous Arc 2 but did not play Luminous Arc 1, gamers do not need to worry. But that does not mean we do not recommend gamers to play Luminous Arc 1, because the series also has its pull. Similarly, the Luminous Arc 2.

The story as well as stories in comics, starting with a group of friends. You will control Roland, a knight who was at the time training and quickly learn the hidden strength of a Rune Knight through a series of events that was not unexpected. As the game early in the game, you will be introduced at around 20 characters which would further multiply along with the game.

The fight is generally still the same as the previous game, but there was little change. Every time you will make an attack on the enemy, you will see the percentage likelihood of contact, the range of damage would you give to the enemy and turn the sequence shown at the top of the screen and all the information you need to know. Some enemies will not start moving unless attacked or some of his friends have you beat, so you will not be overrun by enemiesĀ situs poker terbaik di indonesia who come to attack. It can be said, the fight here is quite fair.

This time, it takes a bit of strategy to play. The main reason is because this time, each character can only carry two items, so you will not be able to do the healing repeatedly. Exp also not so generous as its predecessor. So, if you want to raise the level of Rina, one of the characters you will control a woman who attack using the arrows, you can keep your distance with the enemy as far as possible and give the final blow to kill the enemy in order to receive a large enough exp. Before I forget, every hit enemies, exp you receive depends on the level difference between the enemy character. If you beat an enemy that has a higher level than you, automatically you will receive exp greater than when you attack an enemy who berlevel the same or lower level than you.

The biggest change in the game is more inclined to upgrade the most recent battle system. This time the story of the Luminous Arc 2 dwell on a new equipment called Runic Engine, Lapistier manmade be attached to the hands of a person (of course Roland who get the honor). Which makes the battle system is unique here is the fact that at the beginning of the first time we use Roland, you will realize that he did not have attacks. The only way to be able to attack using the element is to do “engagement” with the witches who will join with you and the story line will give each ring as a sign of binding between a Rune Master with witches. After conducting engagement with a certain witch, the appearance of Roland will be amended. The most obvious visibleĀ situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia is the change in the color of clothes Roland.Bukan only appearances have changed, but the status, skill and final blow will also increase, depending on where you use the wizard.

Then there’s the equipment item called Lapis. Lapis is a tool used to improve one’s status. Layers will be used to raise the status of anything, depending on the layers you use. Earlier we also mention the final blow. Final blow here is not only the final blow to the enemy finishing destiny, but also a powerful final attack is in Luminous Arc 2. This attack is called Flash Drive (FD). Flash Drive will be used when the meter DP-mu ??filled. DP meter can be charged when you attack an enemy. Along with the growth level of the character, the strength of the Flash Drive will also increase. The maximum level of attack FD-mu is Level 3, the highest level for the attack FD. Of course, to be able to use the FD level 3, there are several requirements that must be fulfilled gamers, including DP meter must be full (most full is 300) and has already reached a certain level. Animation when the use of FD level 1, 2 and 3 have differences. Animation provided will illustrate the continuation of attacks pretty good to look at.

For a visual, we all know that the visual of the NDS is quite limited. In graphics, the depiction would not be too good. Only, this time animation offered little cleaner than handheld consoles like GBA or other handheld (please refer to the PSP because it is not comparable). Animation at the time of issue the moment is also unchanged and tend to be repetitive so that sometimes can lead to boredom on the gamer.

While following the path of the story, you will realize that the touchscreen display will be shown BGM whatever is being played. It is not useful, but at least give the impression that Atlus was trying to give a new innovation.

For the story, it can be said the way the story has little to offer the market. But it is still nice to enjoy the story. Atlus also little change in the ending of the story. If used to only have one ending, this time Atlus gives two types of endings that can you get. But unfortunately, there is one thing that is still lacking. The shortfall is the lack of information in the game that explains whether the actual weapons, items, armor or a layer that is already complete or not. We are only allowed to guess yourself. For gamers who like targeting completeness on things like that, it will definitely feel the lack of this feature is a bit much to make it difficult.

Overall, Luminous Arc 2 is not the best strategy games ever on DS. If gamers are more concerned with the depiction style, this game has a style depiction of a beautiful manga style mixed with beautiful music. For the story, we highly recommend this game. Although the old story or a story impressed the market, but sometimes there are parts of the story of this game that can deliver a shock to gamers as well. We recommend this game enough for gamers who like the type of casual games and liked the storyline.

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