Mini4WD-New Racing Age

Mini 4WD-New Racing Age

Due to the recent re-bloom season in Indonesia Mini4wd or more popularly known as its brand, Tamiya, then the crew will KotGa reappoint review on a game mobile (Android and iOS) entitled Mini4WD-New Racing Age.

In the early 2000s there was a video game on the PlayStation with the daftar review theme Mini 4WD. The game is adapted from the anime titled Let’s & Go, which Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go !! – Eternal Wings, who controlled racing game genre such as racing games in general, not like the fact the Mini 4WD. Mini4WD-New Racing Age is a game with a theme that really Tamiya Tamiya which gamers have to design Mini 4WD.

In the game MiniWD-New Racing Age, gamers must make arrangements in such a way to build the best cars that can go on the track with a stable and fast. Gamers can arrange the various parts used in Tamiya like a dynamo, tires, bearings, gear, chassis, roller, battery and some others such as Mini 4WD fact, instead of the usual race like in Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go !! – Eternal Wings.

Initially gamers will use a character named Will, teens who face similar to Taichi in the Digimon anime. In addition to determining parts, gamers can also choose a driver thatĀ link alternatif gamespools will be used during the race like Lene, Cherry, Steelsword, Chef and others. How to obtain the characters are diverse, ranging from buy them using coins, crystal (premium) or complete various missions.

If Kotakers feel that Tamiya owned already established, it does no harm to challenge other players to race on the track. Oh yes, when racing, Tamiya could be off the track if gamers are not careful in controlling Tamiya. Gamers can choose auto or manual mode. In auto mode, players do not bother to control Tamiya during the race. In manual mode, the player needsĀ link alternatif gamespools to be extra concentration to control Tamiya, do not get thrown off track because of too fast around the bend, or not to be missed by the opponent as too cautious.

A variety of challenging tracks waiting to be conquered. Starting from the starters trajectory that many straight lines, to track experts many turns and other obstacles.

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