MLG Pro Circuit Controller

One factor that makes the game console becomes more fun is the feeling when holding the controller. Games are supposed to be fun can turn into a disaster even if it sucks controllers used is not convenient to use. That said, the controller is the soul of the console and gamers.

In this article, our crew made a review about the controller that has outstanding features. One of the flagship features are the direction buttons and analogue that can be assembled. If the hearing gaming peripherals that can be assembled or customized as such, gamers daftar review may be able to guess the brand what it meant. If the guess Mad Catz, the true gamers.

MLG Pro Circuit Controller (MLG controller) is a controller released by Mad Catz for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, the controller was distinguishable from one another. So MLG controller for the PlayStation 3, can not be used for Xbox 36 and vice versa. In this article, our crew will conduct a review of MLG controller for the PlayStation 3 and games that are used in the review is the Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Button on the controller has a load that is very fitting when pressed. Gamers¬†web alternatif gamespools will also hear the smooth sounds like “tek tock” when pressing the controller so that gamers can know with certainty that the button has been pressed correctly. Controller with low quality do not produce such an effect, as if the button is pressed only entered into without any sense of anything.

MLG controller has several parts that can be separated and combined. There are 2 types of analog buttons, where each kind amounted to 2 pieces. Normal analog buttons have a convex surface, whereas the analog buttons modification of MLG controller has a concave surface and lighter. There are also two types of button design direction with congenital PlayStation 3 (button apart from each other) and the other one has a design like the directional buttons that are attached to the other direction.

There are only three slots that can be used to put buttons (Tobol navigation), ie one button on the left and two buttons at the bottom. Unfortunately, the button on the right (command buttons) can not be changed or removed like other Timbol. In addition to the location of buttons that can be changed, gamers can also change the cover MLG this controller. There is one set of cover altervatif included in the box.

To attach the cover to this controller, MLG using a magnet (not screw or bolt) so link alternatif gamespools gamers can be easy to remove or replace the cover to be more expressive. In addition to that contained in the packaging, gamers can also change the cover MLG controller is to buy at the official store of Mad Catz. There are a variety of colors that will make gamers controller becomes more colorful and unique.

In addition to cool looks, this controller also mempu produce very high precision when playing, especially when playing games genre of first person shooter. When you shoot the opponent, the pointer to move smoothly in accordance with a control-driven. At low quality controllers sometimes pointer was moving too much or too less when you hover the pointer to the opponent, so that the resulting precision is not good.

In providing more convenience to its gamers, MLG weight of these controllers can be modified. There are 2 ballast in the rear of the controller. Each ballast has a load so that the total weight of 3.5 grams which can gamers get when you put all the weight is 7 grams. Weight MLD controller with a maximum weight, as the weight of original Xbox 360 controller with its battery charge.

MLG controller does not provide wireless features, gamers must use kebel seingga liaison to connect the controller with the console. However, kebel provided is very long which is 3 meters. With such long, it’s been enough to give dynamism to the gamers motion.

In packaging, there is a small black bag to carry MLG controller. By using the bag, the controller gamers will be safe from collision with other hard objects.

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