Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Latest Monster Hunter is absolutely fantastic. It was only the first expression we can say now. However, for people who are rather lazy to learn how to play, it may be immediately stopped play. A beautiful world, detailed graphics, cool battle system and a set of items and upgrades are available that you can get.

The game will take you to a role of a hunter monsters who are professionals indonesia poker online terpercaya in the world of fantasy wah once. You will have a base in Pokke Village, a place where human beings live together with Felynes race, a race of intelligent cats and can walk on two hind paws.

There are so many cool elements here. Ranging from weapons consisting of 11 different classes. You can choose to use a combination of weapons and armor, or using two straight sword, great sword, warhammer, katana, scythe and more weapons you will often encounter the famous games from Japan. But most important of all, all these weapons is very suitable to be played and really look perfect in the game.

Games that are here preferably on the mission and each mini-quest has a number of objective that you have to meet first. Ranging from collecting, hunting or killing monsters. The third objective of the easiest course is the first (it will be easier after you memorize the location of the goods that you can get it where). At first it might seem difficult. But once you make it through the fight early, then the next will be easier again. The main challenge here is distinctive missionĀ situs poker terbaik di indonesia of hunting, where you will be assigned to track, chase and have to face a monster in size several times larger than you.

The hunt early, you’re just going to hunt wild pigs and gorillas. But that will be a challenge (and the most difficult challenges in this game) is hunting Wyvern. Wyvern is a very difficult thing. Just by several attacks from Wyvern course, you will surely die. To be able to conquer it, you should be able to do the calculations correctly. Use your instincts and study their movements. Just that alone is the only way the fastest (and most difficult) that you can use.

The defeat of the bosses will be one of the causes most gamers give up and immediately left the game. But if you are defeated, there will be satisfaction enough in your heart. If you are the type of gamer who likes to take risks, you should try to challenge this one. You can hurt him until the monster backward and fled to the hive. There, you have to catch with nets, then you have filled the creature with the drug. Sound easy? Very wrong! On the contrary, the arrest of these monsters alive is one of the most difficult challenges in this game. Are there means you run the gauntlet like this? Of course there is. In addition to a sense of satisfaction because it could capture the monster alive, you also will get his body parts were rare as bone, horn and body scales are very useful for making armor and weapons.

Challenge does not stop there alone. You will continue to get a new challenge with the increasing difficulty of the mission you face (be prepared to deal with bosses who will also be more difficult). If you want a little cool down after some time dealing with an enemy that sucks, you can play mini-games. One of the mini-games that become our favorite is a fishing game. Results inducement later you can use to make certain items that will be useful in the hunt.

It should be noted, in Monster Hunter, you’re not going to get the status. There is never level up. That there is only a health bar and a stamina bar. Health bar you can refillĀ situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia it with food, whereas for the stamina, you can fill with a particular drug. The point here is, to be able to face a particular problem, you have to rack my brain and understand what you are dealing with it.

The only skill in the game is just a bunch of guns and a set of armor which is very difficult to obtain this. Oh yes, there may be another consideration that can be used by gamers here to choose a particular set of armor. The reason, sometimes there is only one set of armor that has a certain status which is very tempting and lucrative offer in the fight. Or, maybe you can choose to use one set of armor that is because its design is very cool and detail it. Live you just choose what you want.

Animation served really shows what you might not be able to see under normal circumstances. There are certain monsters that will fold the ear to the back while he was on the verge of death or started hobbling because previously you had attacked his leg. Anyway, no matter how long you play this game too, guaranteed you will find a lot of new details and you will learn a lot of new things in this game.

Fairly balanced battle system, hunting items, the manufacture of certain goods as well as graphics and stunning sound, would have become a daily meal for veterans who’ve never played Monster Hunter before. But here, there are other innovations that looks quite significant, especially at the monsters and goods. The most obvious and foremost here is the possibility to play together with friends, to bring Felyne with you when on a mission. This your friend is not very useful when asked to give a great damage, but it is quite useful to divert the enemy’s attack and finding a place for gathering.

Last comments from us, there is little flaws, but nevertheless, this game is still very interesting to play. Each of the challenges that exist, initially sure to be annoying. But if you’ve never played and won, the game will seem easy. Gamers once required to play this game. Even the ad-hoc multiplayer mode it also feels good to play.

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