Nine Hearts

Nine Hearts

Gamevil once again demonstrated its expertise in delivering a mobile game with RPG genre. One new game called Nine Hearts has been present in the Apps Store and you can play. Nine Hearts has advantages in the graphics and storyline like MMORPG games on consoles and PC.

At first glance, the design of the character of the game is a bit similar to the game daftar review Tree of Savior is soon to be released by Gemscool. Urban design, dungeons, and monsters were made properly and make the game more interesting to play.

In this game you have the objective to collect some heart (Hearts) spread dipenjuru world for the restoration of the kingdom was paralyzed by soldiers attack the darkness. You are not alone in this game, there are three main characters and also diverse allies who are ready to assist you in the adventure.

The main character is Tylus, a warrior who has Health Points (HP) and the DEF is also very strong. Although it is very strong against the enemy, he has a nasty brain and is very easy to fall in love with every woman. Next is Rurika, an Archer, who is also the younger brother of Tylus. Rurika have a fast attack and very strong, but only for single targets only.

Furthermore, and also the last character is Artemisia, a Priest who is also the leader of both the above. He has a strong enough attack and the area. However, the drawback is the slow attack speed and defense are also small. For starters you are advised to use Tylus or Rurika.

You do not have to worry related to the election code, because you link alternatif gamespools can freely switch from one character to another character with no item or special way. Character level will remain the same, only the equipment was different.

After the introduction of characters, let’s get into the discussion about the ally that you can carry. There are five slots ally which you can use in the adventure. Ally is useful to supplement your main character status, in addition to additional status obtained by using equipment. Moreover, the ally you can use to wipe out any enemy with a skill that they have. After use, there is a delay for a few moments so that they can be used again.

For fashion and its own, there are some special dungeon can you play like Dungeon Single, Multi Dungeon, Monster Hunt, Boss Raid, PvP, and also Labyrinth (PvE). There is a dungeon in attendance at random, ie Dimensional Rift. During his time has not run out, you can sign in and complete the dungeon and beat his boss.

On special dungeon, you would be well advised to invite three other users to participate in completing the dungeon. If you do not have friends to invite, no need to worry because there are auto start feature that will automatically find you a partner. Although it is not found, there link alternatif gamespools are bots that can replace them, although you can not fully expect at the Bots.

For in-app purchase system in the game is likely to Nine Hearts will you need when it reaches the upper levels or when you are so certain position. Because basically this game as an MMO that has a level, you enough that you upgrade a character, get a qualified equip and upgrade ally ketingkatan higher.

In contrast to the previous Gamevil mobile game Dragon Blaze, Nine Hearts do not need any luck in doing Enhance ally and skill. Because all it takes is you reach a certain experience to improve the upgrade +1.

Overall this game has gameplay, design, and also the way the story is very good. However, there are some drawbacks such as lagging and load is fairly long. Nine Hearts game is fairly hardcore with a max level is quite high and also gameplay that requires you to do grinding and good items to get through each stage.

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