Pangya - Fantasy Golf

Pangya : Fantasy Golf

You who like to play games gamer, must be familiar with this one game, Pangya. Pangya is a golf game gamer’s first ever entry in Indonesia. Too bad the game is now gone from the circulation Indonesian gamer gaming world. Only now you do not have to be sad indonesia poker online anymore because Pangya has come back in the handheld version, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) with the title Pangya: Fantasy Golf. The good news again, the game developed exclusively for the PSP only.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf is a game that really uses the theme of the game of golf with the game mechanics are easy to understand and still fun to play over and over again. There are so many techniques you can learn here. But control involves the D-Pad (to rotate your character), L / R Trigger is used to replace the golf clubs and to see the whole golf course, you use the triangle button. Once completed taking into account the shot, you just press the X button to determine the level of force you, press X once again to determine the degree of curvature punches you, and press again to perform punch.

When you’ve mastered the basic technique, you can also begin to learn trick shots and you can organize all your equipment. What equipment? In addition to clubs and golf balls, you also can use magic potions and certain drugs in the golf game.

The first time you start the game, you will create a new profilesitus poker terbaik di indonesia  and you will be able to play in Story Mode, Tour Mode, Network Mode or Pangya Collection. All of these modes on average have to do each and every time you finish a game in each of these modes, you will get Pang (currency in the game Pangya) that you can use to buy new items that will be you use in all modes available.

All new items you can use in Pangya Collection, which is the center of the store in this game, Your Room (the room where your character to change clothes and change the golf equipment that will be used), a gallery of images and music as well as a collection of rekor- record in games that you’ve ever passed. Stuff that you can get here very much and we are sure gamers certainly many were surprised and happy with the number of goods supplied and you can collect here.

In Story mode, you can choose a certain character and began to play a series of matches. Early in the game, you will meet with the two main characters in this game, Scout and Hana, two young men from Earth who brought to the world to follow in the festival Pangya Pangya. Maybe that will make gamers can not stop playing this game (same as happened to one of our crew) is a curious element. Yes, the story here was enough to make us curious.

If you’re not the type of gamer who patiently played the story mode, you may be able to try the Tour Mode that allows you to face the challenges that are given in order to get a license that later you can use to play in the tournament. Or if you prefer to play with friends, this game can also be played together up to eight players straight to the ad-hoc manner. But keep in mind, play multiplayer here may result in a slight lag, which would certainly be a problem occurs for most gamers.

In addition to the lag problem, Pangya: Fantasy Golf also has other problems. As usual, the problem loading back into one of the shortcomings that often happens in the game. Graph offered also feels a bit more rugged than the other games, though not going to situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia make a gamer so lazy play. Even the replay camera is also too much, to the point that sometimes it is difficult to see where the ball we’re flying.

Last comments from our Pangya: Fantasy Golf remains an exciting game and fun to play, although there are some deficiencies we have explained above. For those who love the storyline, then you are obliged to play the story mode. To complete the story mode alone, we took about 20 hours. It is still not coupled with other modes. Then there are again a lot of funny stuff that you can collect, ranging from clothes to other equipment that you can buy. Less what else?

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