PC Specialist Ignis

The main game section is a GeForce GTX 980 graphics card Nvidia – one of the most powerful chip companies. It is not overclock, but has 2,048 stream processors and a stock daftar review speed of 1,126MHz to use the GPU Boost to reach 1,266MHz.

GTX 980 will easily exceed this Alienware GTX 960 core, but could have a tougher time against the AMD Radeon R9 Fury Nano in this Chillblast machine.

Processor is the current-generation Core i5-6600K part running at 3.5GHz stock speed and achieve single-core Turbo speed of 3.9GHz. It was nice on paper, and that means that Ignis will not refuse any home or gaming duty.

However, it could struggle when pitted against rivals. Both Alienware and Chillblast including 4GHz Core i7-6700K, and the last machine that ran on the 4.6GHz overclocked live sabung ayam chip. processor also has Hyper-Threading.

Elsewhere, there is 16GB of memory and a 960GB SSD. The latter is as big as a lot of the hard disk, and at a pace that is much more. It’s also a bit unusual for a PC to arrive at a single large SSD – which Chillblast more conventional with a smaller SSD and a hard disk larger.

Asus Maximus VIII Impact is one of the best mini-ITX motherboard industry. It crams in features: it accepts up to 32GB DDR4 memory, and a rear panel has the power sabung ayam online indonesia and reset buttons beside the POST screen two numbers.

This handsome slab of PCB, but the mini-ITX form factor that proved limiting. There are only two memory slots, both of which were occupied, and a single socket PCI Express graphics card is already laying off. There is a spare SATA connector, but the lack of space in case the upgrade puts paid to use them.

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