Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable

Maybe you’ve often heard the game Persona 3. Not surprisingly, given the previous game is already released on the PS2 with the title Persona 3 and coupled with an expansion version, Persona 3 FES. Now, Persona 3 is back and this time Atlus bringing the game to a portable console with the title Persona 3 Portable. In Persona 3 Portable, you will find Persona 3 FES has been enhanced and a new female character who first appeared in a special PSP Persona 3’s.

Maybe you already know what the storyline of the game. But it will still discuss it so that you who have never played before can figure out what the story here. In this game, you will play a student who has just moved to Japan and when he arrived at the dormitory where he lived, he found that it turns out where he lived was not an ordinary hostel. Every night (midnight to be exact), all the people that are around you will change into a coffin and it will pop up a tower filled with evil creatures known as Shadows. A group of people who have the ability to remain aware at the time the Dark Hour (nickname for midnight) and its task is to fight with Shadows. The group calling itself the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), a group comprising several students.

At night, you will go to the tower called Tartarus with all the members of SEES and fight with all kinds of Shadows there. You will meet with a variety of monsters, ranging from creeping up the fly. The fight is still using the sword and bow, but the main element here is that you have Persona. Persona is touted as a representation of themselves each member of this SEES. If confused what is Persona, Persona is a creature similar to summon in Final Fantasy, and they can you call for help you unleash devastating attacks to kill enemies. Not only that, of the many Personas you get, you can combine and produce a new Persona much stronger.

Along with the game, your character will be with all his Persona can ride the level of all the Experience Points that you get. Oh yes, the main character, unlike the case with other characters, is unique in terms of Persona. If the other person is only able to control the Persona, the main character you can accommodate multiple Personas at once in the body and make changes Persona whenever you want. Of course it must be done according to your needs.

This battle can only be done at night and during the day, you will carry out your obligations like a good student (remember, the main character here was in high school, so do not be surprised if he had to school). As usual, you can run the school activities, ranging from learning in the classroom, join the club and build relationships with your friends. Every activity you do can usually affects several ye status. Total status that you can improve here there are three, namely charm (appeal), Academics (intelligence) and courage (courage). The status is quite important, given to be able to interact with a particular person, you must reach a certain status. If your status is not enough, then you will not be able to interact further.

Well, by interacting with my friends here, you’re going to build something called Social Link. Social Link itself will affect the power of Persona that you created from the combination. You can strengthen Social Link is a way to interact with friends or people you’ve met and the outcomes, the relationship between you and Persona that you have to be getting stronger. So basically, your relationship is actually created from the entire decision you took during the relationship. Maybe for you who has long been poor across the world Persona 3, of course, already know it all.

Everything was really nice. Then what is worse than this one game? One of them is the disappearance of the usual cutscene animation on the PS2. Now, that will help you understand the story just a certain character’s face image complete with sound. You can no longer roam as in the PS2 version. This time, you are only given the freedom to point to a place where you are going and you will immediately arrive without confusion again.

Both aspects have disappeared and in our opinion, it makes spurs in this game to be reduced. Even so, that does not mean it makes excitement in playing this game is reduced. Because the terms of the storyline itself, is classified as a game has a storyline that is easy to follow. Does this make us decide to leave the game? The answer is no, because as a replacement for some aspects are missing, Atlus includes several new features that are not less interesting.

One example is now you can already control the other characters in battle. A feature that we think is appropriate for inclusion herein. If the first, you can only rely (and pray) that the AI ??can choose the right option in the fight. Now, you can change your battle tactics in the middle of a fight and you can freely determine how you finish the fight.

Another extra is not less interesting is the inclusion of an option to install your data into the handheld, an additional two levels of difficulty as well as additional one main female character that you Poker Online Terpercaya can choose. Additional female character is also accompanied by other changes are very significant and you’ll see a dialog that is completely different than the main male character. Of course, this would be a considerable additional appeal to gamers who have never played or who have never played.

Last comment from us, Persona 3 Portable is not a new game. But this is a game that has several times undergone improvements. Despite having a storyline that is not much different from the PS2 version, but it still is one game that deserves to be played and collected. So, what are you waiting?

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