Persona 4 The Golden

Persona 4 The Golden

Persona 4 The Golden (P4G) is a genre game role playing game (RPG) developed and dipublikasiakan by Atlus as of June 14, 2012, exclusively for PlayStation Vita. This game background on the lives of the students after school. They will carry out activities that are not usually done by normal students are against Shadow (monsters in this game).

This game will take gamers on a mission to solve a murder case when gamers come to a small town called Inaba. To solve the case, gamers will involve some friends of the school, without involving police officers. However, the police still will not interfere in the matter. In addition to the murder case, gamers will also be running several different missions but still about crime and mystery. Although this game has the background of the mission is quite heavy, but P4G also emiliki comedy, love, drama, action and others. That’s what makes this game different and very deep.

The characters on the previous Persona series is Yu Nanukami (playable characters), Naoto Shirogane, Rise Kujikawa, Yukiko Amagi, Kanji Tatsumi, Satonaka Chie and Yosuke Hanamura. However, at this P4G no new character as a side story that is Marie, a girl dementia.

Persona series has the look like anime, so P4G also have added value in the eyes of gamers anime lovers. Then, the appearance of the characters and the environment in this P4G better than the previous series. Moreover, in view of the current fighting in the dungeon and also looks cool.

It takes a long time to complete P4G. According to some sources, a minimum of gamers takes 60 hours to complete the game as a whole. Time in this game like a calendar that starts in April and finishes in May. So gamers should live game day by day and each day it has its own time. Times per day can be completed within three minutes, however, sometimes spending an hour. Depending on how gamers play this game.

The game is divided into two parts, namely the dungeon and build character. Gamers can adventure into the dungeon after school and build character in the evening. In the dungeon mode, gamers can enhance the ability and character level. Every time a character level up, the status of which will increase is HP and SPnya alone while others such as attack, agility, and the rest did not increase. Because the status of attack, agility and others will tergatung of Persona used. In the dungeon will be divided into several levels and the last level contains a boss that must be defeated. In addition, on each dungeon level there is also a treasure box which contents can be removed.

Shadow was in the dungeon. Gamers can fight against the Shadow by smashing weapons or Persona owned. The main character can have multiple Persona with varied elements. Shadow also has its own elements so that gamers can choose the right elements to defeat the Shadow, because every element that has the weaknesses of each. By knowing the weakness of the enemy elements, gamers can use the right elements so that the enemy can be defeated more easily. However, Shadow can also attack the gamers using matching elements to defeat the elements of character. So be careful.

The next is to build character. In this section, gamers Poker Online Terpercaya can build relationships with other characters in the game. The closer the relationship between the characters, the level Social Link also be higher (up to level 10). In addition, gamers can also make one female character in this game as a lover, cool donk.

This game has a fun battle system, in addition to the story contained in P4G also very interesting. Then, from the appearance, this game includes cute and pretty. Behind all the brilliance P4G, we assessed the crew there are a few points that may enjadi flaws in this game is the time to finish the game is quite long and some gaming systems that are difficult to understand as well as how the Social Link. However, this deficiency can be overcome by playing games more patient so that the information provided could be absorbed by our minds. Scores can we Berika to P4G crew is very satisfying.

That review of exclusive games PlayStation Vita, Persona 4 The Golden. Feel the thrill when fighting against Shadow well as socializing practice in the gaming world. What do you think about this game? Let’s play our game P4G.

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