Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth

Persona Q : Shadow of the Labyrinth

A decisive moment of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth which came at the end of the second dungeon. Throughout the five-story, among the random battles, which avoid damage to the floor, avoiding enemies high level, and drawing a detailed map of where you strategi poker indonesia already, you will be asked to answer

questions about what you want in an ideal partner. Lo and behold, just before the penultimate dungeon boss, I who flopped into bvunga wonderland, fairytale-wedding with Marie, a girl with a tendency msiterius bitter secret to writing terrible poetry. As we evolve menunju boss, I was given the option to make all sorts of cheesy, romantic gestures towards her for the sole purpose of watching him get adorably confused. After defeating the boss – a, caricature four armed disturb the minister – me kemali out to the hub, only to find a piece of poetry Marie who has been trying to hide about her candidate to marry me. Then and there, with a bit of character interaction keknoyolan, that my love for Persona Q develop.

Q persona is a mix of character interaction Persona series and the hearts of the first maze exploration Etrian Odyssey. This happens between the events of Persona 3 and Persona 4, which brings together a cast of two games in a strange strange alternate dimension that resembles Yasogami high school festival. Everything about this world that is off; shelters that never ends; festival attraction strategy poker online that has turned into a complex maze filled with shadow enemy, and the only one of Bizarro Yasogami who pay attention to the team that is mysterious – and surprisingly amnesia – Zen and Rei, two students were not known even to the team P4. It’s up to this motley crew to challenge the basement and break the endless festival mister.

The first thing you notice about Personas Q is visual. While the interface and overall presentation comfortably familiar to anyone who has spent time with Persona 3 or 4, a character who has been transformed into a cute caricature. They are probably going to be a cartoon, but it does not mean that they have lost their appeal. In the case that a lot, polygon models precocious even more expressive than the pre-Persona Q counterparts. It was incredible fun to watch cast members chibi emote road through the game with a variety of scenarios, including some situations that really make sense (as the bride) that is bound to make you smile.

Visuals that go hand-in-hand with the overall tone of the game. Persona mainstream game that strikes an attractive balance between seriousness and comedy, with hilarious scenarios which relieve tension after a dramatic encounter. In Persona Q, the emphasis is firmly review games focused on the “comedy” with at the end of the scale. Character and habits that are played to severe (sometimes at the point of interruption small – yes, Chie who love meat, we who get it), and put the two grips together by allowing the writers to make interaction enjoyable by not possible previously; Teddie who tried (and failed miserably) to hit Mitsuru with stone-cold; Kanji who develop an intense affection for the adorable doggie Persona-using Koromaru; and everyone in the game that Theodore mock pity. That’s not to say that there is not a serious moment in the game – there are some exchanges that touches, like Yukari who spoke with Rise and Fuuka of weakness of character, and they were giving him a hard dose of truth in reply – but the seriousness relatively rare. The typical order of the story, with optional side quests, and a bonus scene which tends to portray karkater with a sweet little goofballs, more than anything.

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