Prinny - Can I Really Be The Hero

Prinny – Can I Really Be The Hero

Who does not know Prinny? Monster penguins are more suitable to be used as cannon fodder or tug boxing and has competed many times in Disgaea. Prinny possessed finally the game itself taking action platformer genre. Fortunately though this time the Prinny has a fairly indonesia poker online serious role, but that does not mean this game does not have elements that tickling comedy like Prinny previous roles, the Prinny still look hilarious complete with silly accents they have. So what are you waiting for? PSP immediately take yours and read on reviews Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Until exhausted.

The only element of the game is funny precisely linked to the main series. Try to imagine Etna has 1000 Prinny who obey his orders and currently you can only use a Prinny in one mission, when Prinny is lost or dies he will be replaced by Prinny another position. With a thousand lives of course you would expect a permaian challenging and requires hundreds of Prinny to pass, alas this game was much easier than the unexpected so that the level of difficulty Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero so very minimal.

Prinny attack that can do quite surprising for a penguin, you can do the blade of the sword and meniban enemy with the butt that can make enemies stop moving momentarily. We also can do the dash and double jump to solve puzzles or through the obstacles that block. Dear although the controls easy, but this game turns out to have a problem of control is quite difficult. The first is to jump we can only adjust the angle of the jump when the jump button cara bermain poker di android in the press, it is often caused us to be late to jump or even one jump. The second problem is attack the enemy meniban experience lag so that while in the air is the most easy to be attacked by the enemy. The latter is a problem can not digabungnya every movement with other movements. For example, when we menyabetkan sword towards the enemy we can not directly down to avoid incoming attacks, waiting movement is completed, then you can enter another command. Quite annoying especially when you beat an enemy in front shells ready to hit the poor penguin.

Adventure of the Prinny mostly filled with activities to jump from one platform to another platform, the enemy will come on without any prior warning that our ability to memorize the position of each of platforms and obstacles that will confront whatever is needed here. Fortunately checkpoint system is made very nicely so that we do not have to repeat everything from the beginning when the penguins are taking inadvertently jump pit,.

Each end of a level, we will be dealing with a boss who usually funny and a little chatty which usually has a specific attack patterns. Well if you are like the better tips pemula bermain poker we memorize the pattern of attacks by the bosses of us ran out of Prinny. Usually sesusah any boss that we face, the pattern will be read and easily solved after the fight once again.

The first game for the cute penguin who always become victims in Disgaea is very interesting to play, although some shortcomings in terms of control is quite difficult for us when playing. But with many interesting elements such as the battle against a boss or clean humor is often asked the Prinny can not be underestimated. Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero could become mandatory menu PSP owners are quite fun to play while waiting for someone in the cafe or in other relaxed conditions.

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