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Race the Sun

Sometimes as players we need a short games that we can play a little while in the spare time or before bed. The premise is what makes mobile gaming is so popular. But sometimes some of us are also interested in playing short games are not casual games on our computers. If you include people who think like that, then you must try this one game, Race the Sun.

Race the Sun is a minimalist racing game made in Flippfly. Because this game has a minimalist graphics and gameplay, so you do not have to worry about PC specifications that are too high. The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition to the commercial version you can also play the free version of this game on Kongregate.

Racing game genre has always synonymous with racing against another poker online indonesia vehicle, another case with Race the Sun. As per the title, in this game you have to race with the sun. Well, not really racing with the sun anyway, rather is a race against time to reach the distance as far as possible before sunset.

If you ever knew owned a Nintendo game called F-Zero, you’ll probably feel a little bit in common with this game. Not surprising really because both games are equally involving futuristic vehicle with super high speed. The difference F-Zero has a racing game like usual gameplay compared to Race the Sun very simple.

During the journey you must collect triangles called points tris as you. In addition you can also get a sort of turbo that will make your vehicle more quickly at the same time so as not to postpone the sun goes down. You can also collect various items that serve to protect your vehicle or to help your vehicle jump.

Another advantage of this game is a world that is built on a periodic basis. So if you play this game today, can be guaranteed the next day you will play this game on a different track. Moreover unlike other racing game, here there is no linear track, so you’re free to go wherever you want.

Although it has a simple gameplay, this game can still provide a variation through the leveling system and customization you can do on your vehicle. To raise the level, you only need to meet the challenges of a given game, sometimes quite a challenge given the need to collect a few simple as tris in one round, but sometimes the game will give strange challenge where you must complete some regions without a left turn at all.

In total there are 25 levels you can play, and if you’ve reached¬†situs judi poker terbaik di indonesia a certain level you can get an upgrade that can be installed in your vehicle. Upgrading existing usually just a sharper turn capability, the ability to get an item from a distance, or the ability to store more items.

The point while playing this game, you do not need a lot of thinking, it’s all you reflexes dexterity while controlling your vehicle. And if you feel the challenge is given less, this game provides a mode called Apocalypse where the challenges are much more difficult than usual mode.

Race the Sun also provides an interesting feature where you can design your own levels. Tools used to build the level is very easy to use, gives you enormous freedom to create a level of fun or stressful.

Developer of this game also promises the game will be integrated with the Steam Workshop, so you can immediately play a level designed others or letting others play your level. Later, developers also will choose the best level that made fans to be the main highlight of the day. Features like this course very interesting and encouraging people to much creative.

Below you can see examples of fan-made levels and screenshots of the level editor.

As I briefly alluded to above, in addition to the gameplay Web Alternatif Pokerclub88 is simple, the graphics of the game is also very minimalist. Objects that exist in the game does not have the texture, only limited 3D objects stiff gray plain. Even so it does not mean this game looks ugly, everything that is in this game really seen what it is. No more and no less.

Graphic minimalism does not mean lazy game developers make an important detail. Because in this game you control a solar-powered vehicle, the lighting of the track in this game is very important. The laying of the shadow and light of this game was made really pay attention to the object as well as the position of the sun. This gives a pretty strange feeling where you see the lighting techniques next-gen level, while the game’s environment has clear graphics quality that is far from the next-gen.

Because this game (it seems) to have a futuristic setting, it is not surprising that the songs used are electronic songs. The soundtrack of the game is very appropriate to accompany you speeding catch the sun. If you like bands like 65daysofstatic, it is guaranteed you will love the music of this game.

This game you can get a price of $ 9.99 through digital distribution like Steam or If you’re only interested in the basic gameplay of this game and is not interested in fashion or enhancements, you can also play this game for free through Kongregate.

This game could be considered a good game for fans of arcade games are played only briefly each session, but can be played continuously without bored quickly. The difference arcade game will definitely make you bankrupt coin requested, while the game is only to be paid once only.

If you’re happy with the game which can be played instantly by quickly, do not hesitate to buy this game. In addition if you were happy with the game that can test your reflexes and dexterity of the hand, this game is perfect for you to play. But be careful, though one session can be completed quickly, so try this game you definitely want to repeat it continuously. But the point remains unchanged, this game is obliged to try, anyway if you are still in doubt with this game, you can try to play the free version on Kongregate.

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