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Risk of Rain

What you are one of those people who are fond of the game sort of 2D scroller Castlevania or Metroid? Feel the game is too easy to be conquered? Do not worry, Risk of Rain offers 2D scroller game with the difficulty level is much more challenging than you think.

Risk of stories in the Rain began when a starship transporting goods and passengers crashed and stranded on a planet. You will act as the only survivor in the crash and try to survive as long as possible in the planet. The story may sound too simple, but the story is not the main point of this game.

Style games offered in the Risk of Rain will feel quite familiar if you played a lot of games genre ‘metroidvania’ or other 2D action platformer. However, there is little difference in this game is: your goal is simply to go into a teleporter and activate it. Easy as that? Certainly not. You will be confronted by a group of aliens that appear randomly and they will try to kill you.

You will be equipped with four kinds of basic skills that are useful to crush the enemy. The type of skill that you can use will differ depending on the character you choose at the time before the game starts. For example, the Commando has a rapid fire attack, but just focus on one enemy, while Enforcer has style attacks and crowd control areas, but slower in terms of speed of attack. Unfortunately, for the early game, you can only play as a Commando while the other characters you have to find out yourself how to open it.

Four kinds of basic skills will be available for each character. Three of the four skill poker online indonesia cooldown of existing mechanisms such as MMORPG which means you can not just pull out moves quickly. It forces you to think strategically before deploying the skills you have. Do not worry though if you fear your MP runs when often use a skill, because the system MP NOTHING in this game ;-).

But that does not mean this game will be very easy to overcome. Yep, it is a big mistake that I did when I try this game for the first time. Risk of Rain have a system that I think is quite challenging that the longer you play, the more difficult it is also the enemy is facing. You can monitor how long you have to play by looking at HUD in the top right corner of the screen. The more often you linger hunting aliens (hoping to level up) or trying to find an item, then the existing bar on the HUD will continue to rise and the game will be more difficult. This system gives a sense of urgency to complete the stage quickly.

What I have just said stage? Yes, this game has a 6 stage randomly generated. Thus, each time you repeat the same stage, then you will feel being in a different place. This feature is more or less the same as randomly-generated levels that exist in Spelunky, making the game cara curang bermain poker online indonesia will be more varied.

The item is one thing that is vital in the Risk of Rain. You will find two types of items during the game: the items that will keep you use (continuous) and disposable items that are missing. Each of these items is very useful in order to maintain the continuity of life for dealing with the enemy. Item continuous equipment you will act like the RPG, but without limitation slot. So, imagine yourself if there is a 100 with each effect in your hands. These items can be obtained by killing certain enemies or bought with the money you get after killing the enemy. ‘Shop’ that sells items scattered in many places with random and the items sold are also exposed to random.

Risk of Rain does have a game that feels diverse and fresh when you repeat it. But you’ll OFTEN repeat in this game. Why? Because the enemy is too strong in this game if you’re a little wrong. They always appear in large numbers and mercilessly direct chase and attack. You will feel grateful because the enemy AI is not smart. Small enemies can not jump from one platform to another platform and a large enemy will get caught when there are small bumps on the road.

Oh yes, one more thing. If you die, then you will return to the starting point, the level is reset and the item will disappear. Thus, the level you will not be taken on the next game. Quite difficult is not it?

Of course, the style is simple and challenging game, Risk of Rain could bring many gamers to try and feel the degree of difficulty is high enough. However, there is a little thing that makes me a little frustrated when playing this game. The game really random merciless cara bermain poker di android often overwhelmed me. Enemies often appear in places that sucks like a character right in front of me or when I was busy shooting at the enemy, the enemy appeared behind me.

The difficulty level of the game is also difficult to predict and estimate. Enemies faced sometimes feels too strong because a small error from the player. No AI Director system as in Left 4 Dead so that new players will feel that this game is very unfair. But anyway, it may be because this game brings retro concept.

Risk of Rain also provide local and online multiplayer. You can invite up to three people to play together with you. However, this certainly does not change the difficulty level of this game has to offer. Be careful also not to you scramble item with your friends. The items in this game is not like loot system in Diablo 3. The items on the screen there is one and only one person who can get it.

The graphics of this game uses pixel art style that is very interesting. The characters portrayed in an interesting and we as players can get enough visual information even though the character is nothing more than a collection of a few pixels only. The effects of the explosion is also very good. It was like re-play the Super Nintendo games that have quality pixel art above average. Animation is no less great. Possible movement of the main character is not too special, but the movement of large and small aliens who appear very smooth and refined.

This game is also very simple to use User Interface. Nonetheless, it just adds to the experience of playing because the view is not obstructed by a large HUD. Other cool things about this game is Moster Log. Basically, Monster Log is a kind of bestiary, only equipped with alien each pixel art more detail and cool. Sorry, I was weak with pixel art 🙂

The soundtrack of the game is also remarkable because it can give a mysterious atmosphere, but fitting so it does not sound too exciting. The use of synthesizers very charming also provide a dark futuristic atmosphere yet easy and light to be heard.

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