Road to Dragons

Road to Dragons

Tactical RPG, Road to Dragons give the impression that quite different in a mobile game themed RPG in general. As the name implies, you’ll do a great adventure and trying to destroy each dragon that is due to disturb the tranquility of the human.

This game has the graphics are quite good and not too bad with side scrolling 2D shapes that they show. While the terms of his own voice, nothing too special in this game Road to Dragons.

Using the RPG theme, I noticed similarities to the system they use daftar review game Brave Frontier game. Perhaps because it is the pioneer of the RPG in the mobile gaming industry, is legitimate if other game developers use the same system as proven Brave Frontier until today is still widely played and liked by many people.

You will use four characters in one team with details of three of them is the main character, and the other one is the helper of friends you have. Each character will have their ability to provide additional status when paired as a team leader and helper.

Why do I say have a similar system with Brave Frontier? It is seen from the development of related characters enhance, evolve, and user interface they gave as the main display. When a character reaches level MAX, then you can change the character to a higher level by using the features evolve. However, in contrast with the Brave Frontier that requires some special characters to change, Road to Dragons could use other characters (Spirit) when Evolve Points (EV Pts) required are met.

Not only become stronger, but the character will have a different design, which increases the level cap, and also a much different skill. Each character will have three special skills which can be used when the gauge is filled with great skill.

On the stage, you can choose to avoid any potential enemies and go straight to the boss at the end of the map. However, you will lose Soul Points located on the left of the screen smartphone. Soul Points are useful to you pave the way through the box provided at the bottom of situs alternatif gamespools the screen, and also when carrying out attacks. In order to increase the number of the Soul Points, you must defeat the enemy there, and attack by using a box with the same icon.

The box can be combined and create devastating combos when the same icons used. As a side note, if the box shows a picture of Bow, but among your team no character with a similar type, then the attack can not be waged and turn will be wasted in vain.

After trying to play it for a few days, Road to Dragons is an RPG game that is quite unique to the attack system used. The combination of boxes are used as forming the road and this attack also makes the game that needs to be played tactical and not haphazard. However, because it has some of the views that are identical to other RPG games, Road to Dragons do not feel special.

For in-app purchase in the game itself, I feel Road to Dragons sooner or later will make you buy gems to gacha and get the character more powerful. Although there are other ways to get the character, such as event dungeon and also get it by defeating monsters in the web alternatif gamespools dungeon.

The conclusion that can be obtained from the game Road to Dragons is, the attack system used was quite unique and different from the RPG in general. However, with the appearance and character development system that feels the same with Brave Frontier, making the game becomes too special though I feel the game interesting to play.

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