Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 is one of the latest Android smartphone with touchscreen from Samsung and is now regarded as one of the best with premium quality. However, the quality of the Galaxy S4 is also often compared to HTC One by lovers of Android smartphones. To complete this review, our crew had spent a couple of days to explore the excellent features found on the Galaxy S4.

In this review, we also do the unboxing crew to show the contents of the package that will you be able to after buying the Galaxy S4. Box-her very attractive, light brown with elegant wooden texture. Everything is made of paper and less plastic to wrap several components.

Inside the box, on the first level there is only one unit of the Galaxy S4, then on the second level there is a USB cable, a charger with a USB slot, one earphone and earphone four backup pads. Do not forget there are also instructions for using the manual as Galaxy S4.

The first impression when our crews use the Galaxy S4 is a very light weight, thin and bright display appearance. Although the brightness level of the screen is reduced until it reaches the lower limit, but its brightness is reduced only slightly. The screen used on the Galaxy S4 daftar review is Full HD Super AMOLED display, which can display the high level of brightness but with minimum energy usage.

Galaxy S4 design is not much different from its predecessor the Galaxy S3. However, the thickness of the Galaxy S4 is thinner than the Galaxy S3. Looks like Samsung is more interested in doing development in terms of technology compared to the appearance of the casing. Unlike some famous Brands that deliver innovation more elegant in its latest premium product.

By the time the sun is very bright, the display screen in several brands of smartphones becomes dark so it was hard to see the display, but not for the Galaxy S4 for clarity in any condition screen appearance is maintained. The material used on the Touch Screen is very delicate because it is not rough, it is not easily scratched and not easily soiled.

Regardless of the technology used, when compared with the use of smartphones, more robust casing material such as aluminum, Galaxy S4 be seen expensive at around £ 7.5 million per unit for the material used as the casing is plastic.

Galaxy S4 uses a micro SIM card and provides a slot for micro SD. The memory capacity is provided by Samsung’s device is only about 9.6 GB. For those of you who sabung ayam online terbaik like to play Android games, a memory capacity of the very small. Therefore, should use extra memory in order to store more games.

There are some new features of the strengths of the Galaxy S4 include a gesture that is water, water view, dual shot, Sound and Shot and group play. That beberpa excellent features that are attractive according to our crew, although sepenarnya tidka so useful if it is applied in everyday life.

For example just water view, you can see the writing smaller by using that feature, but it would be more effective if you use the zoom feature alone. In addition, to enable water view, you are required to put a finger with a distance of 2 cm from the Touch Screen and it does not always work.

The part that is not less important is the image quality of 13 MP camera that is installed on the smartphone. But unfortunately, when compared to some similar products, the picture quality of the Galaxy S4 is less than satisfactory. Despite that, there is a dual-camera feature that enables the photographer’s face in the photo is taken, such as the photo below.

Although currently on sale in the form of QR codes is not so popular in Indonesia. However, in some developed countries like South Korea, sales by using QR codes are sabung ayam online very many do. The Galaxy S4 has been providing these features and the accuracy has also been good.

One new feature is a mainstay on the Galaxy S4 is group play, where you can make one of several Galaxy S4 (including the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and some table Samsung others) became the center of Wi-Fi (in the absence of Wi-Fi or the internet in general) to share information such as music, photos, games and documents.

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