Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z is Sony’s latest smartphone based on Android. This Smartphone has been published by Sony since February 2013 last. Sony Xperia Z has many features, cool looks and remarkable resilience. Most navigation on smartphones can already be controlled by using the touch screen (touchscreen).

Some time ago, our crew had the opportunity to do the unboxing as well try the proven features of Sony’s latest smartphone. In the box of the product, there are two levels box. At the top of the box, there are only a Sony Xperia Z. At the bottom of the box, there is a charger, USB cable, ear phone, manual and warranty card book.

Fill in the box of its very simple. Then, continue to the appearance of the smartphone where the first impression when we saw the crew is this smartphone has a screen that is very large, but very thin.

On the front and back of the Sony Xperia Z, there is a protective glass daftar review that is very clear, strong and scratch resistant. But do not be idle for intentionally scratched using a sharp object, because the strongest device can run into problems if gamers are unlucky.

Top, bottom, right and left of this smartphone looks very minimalist because it does not look much slots or protrusions button on the device. In addition, the angle of this device looks symmetrical or box with ketupulan corner fitting.

Our crews have also been comparing the size of this smartphone with the BlackBerry Z10 other gadgets and the iPhone 5. The screen Sony Xperia Z larger than the iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10. But according to our crew, Sony Xperia Z display quality is also very good, even better than the iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10.

One of the advantages of this smartphone is waterproof and dust, so you can take photos anywhere, especially when diving in the water. But most people are more interested in the advantages of anti water. There are also many gadget lovers abroad who have uploaded videos when they dipped into the water this gadget even to liquor. Instead, we do not need to imitate things like that. Suffice to certain conditions only gadget that is under water, such as during a flood or rain.

In addition to highlight the resilience of these gadgets from water andĀ sabung ayam online dust, the Sony Xperia Z also rely on graphics and camera quality. One feature that is very unique camera is capable of taking good pictures when faced with bright light behind the object in the photo. This smartphone is able to cope with such problems, so the images become more vivid and colorful. Sony also memberitahuakan that the quality of the camera on the Sony Xperia Z, on par with the latest digital camera from Sony.

The camera of the smartphone is very good, our crews have to prove it by taking a photograph when creating this review. At this stage, our crews found that the anti silhouette feature that depends on the brightness of the light contained in the object behind. In the experiments, our crews content were photos when the sun is shining very bright, so it is not at sunset as in the video above.

Although there is still a very dark silhouette effect, but still there are some colors that are still clearly visible. you can see in the picture below.

The graphic quality of the Sony Xperia Z is the better, because the technology of the touch screen itself is Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 technology that causes the quality of the colors displayed by the display is very nearly the same even with the color of real objects.

Here merupaka specifications of the Sony Xperia Z, namely:

1. Length: 139 mm (5.5 inches), Width: 71 mm (2.8 inches), Thickness: 7.9 mm (0.31 inches)
2. Weight: 146 g (5:15 oz)
3. Operating system: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
4. CPU: 1.5 GHz quad-core Krait
5. RAM: 2 GB
6. Storage: 16 GB, Removable storage: up to 32 GB
7. Display: 5-inch (130 mm) diagonal
8. Quality graphics: 1920×1080 px (443 ppi)
9 .Kamera rear: 13.1 megapixels, front camera: 2.2 megapixels
10. Connectivity: 4G LTE (100 mbps), Micro USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, GSM GPRS, Wi-Fi
11. Color: White, black, purple

Furthermore, our crews are trying to watch a video that hasĀ agen sabung ayam online quality 1080 px, results were incredible cool. Video display is very nice and colorful, not too bright so it does not make your eyes dizzy when watching.

Supported by 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, this smartphone can be used to run many applications that are heavy, so gamers can play any games that are available in Google Play.

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