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Sunless Sea

London has never looked so beautiful. Not a single month since I left the harbor and beloved family, but every second elapsed in the ocean feels like a day filled with nightmares. Vigorous expression of the crew when we first sailed continues to haunt the mind. Half of the gallant men have now been located on the seabed or shouting in the belly of the monster. Resting in a cramped and noisy room above the seedy bars provide momentary happiness that I need, because tomorrow I will return sail to the oceans, seas without sun.

The above story is the experience I had in the Sunless Sea, an adventure game made by an independent studio named Failbetter Games. Sunless Sea placed you as a ship captain who lives in the fictional town named Fallen London with the dream that you set yourself, whether it is to be successful wealthy sailor, explorer in all of London, or the other. Equipped with a room at the inn, a small ship, and a handful of the crew, you will begin your journey to make your dream come true, or died trying to reach it.

From beginning to end you play a Sunless Sea, the sail will emit colors tend to be dark. Sunless Sea is a dark game and this is shown very well visually. Sea black with blue silhouette always accompanied throughout the game, making the islands are actually the same poker online indonesia dark and just have the lights with a dark color has been a pleasure for your eyes are thirsty colors, other than black of course.

Sunless Sea is a game that is dark, dark, and make you anxious, frustrated, and sometimes even depression. The lack of sound effects and music make it more easy going and for me this is not a bad thing and instead create a tense atmosphere. Without music, sailing on the high seas perilous become far more sinister at the same time make more and miss London, because that’s the only place you’re going to listen to music while not pitched happy keep anchored back to London to be something very comforting.

Along the journey towards the ocean without the sun, you should strive not only to complete the main mission and win the game but also to survive. Sunless Sea is not a game that makes you feel like the captain of the magic that can slay the strongest monsters with one shot. Instead, you often will be forced to smuggle illegal goods, eat your ship’s own crew, to hurt your own body to pray to the gods of evil just to survive.

To be able to continue to sail you should continue to maintain not only the condition of your ship, but also the supply of food, fuel, until sanity itself. All of this can be overcome with shopping or doing various activities in London and sometimes in some other city, it’s just that most of this activity will require a high luck or money to succeed. Unfortunately, the same as the original world, money is not a commodity that is easy to obtain in the Sunless Sea.

Running out of supplies will make the crew began to become tips pemula bermain poker cannibals and eat each other. Running out of fuel will make your ship stops in the middle of the sea and are most likely to get you killed or lose everything. Sanity level is also an important factor for your case, because there will be many things that can happen when your ship crew lose their sanity and almost entirely not what you want.

As I mentioned before, luck is something you will often need throughout pelayaranmu in Sunless Sea. You will often be forced to make decisions that most will carry a wide range of resources, tools, and other useful stuff … if you’re lucky. Often you can increase the percentage of success of the decisions that you make to improve the status of the characters, but in the end you will still cold sweats, close your eyes and pray throughout the game.

The status of your character is one part of the system development is presented in the Sunless Sea. Divided into five attributes, namely Hearts, Irons, Veils, Mirrors, and Pages, a fifth of these attributes have the same functionality as unique as its name. Veils for example, is the attribute that makes your boat more difficult to detect by an opponent, while the opposite Mirrors make you more quickly detect danger at sea. As I mentioned earlier, the attributes that you raise in your character will also increase the percentage of success for the various decisions that you can choose.

Of course, the status of your character is not the only development that you have to monitor. You also have to collect the money slowly to purchase a variety of equipment that you can install on your boat, be it guns, spotlights, or other. Most of this equipment has a particular function, such as rat launch launcher machine engineer to repair the ship rat (rat engineers are the most bizarre oddities in the Sunless Sea) or cannon whose function can you guess yourself. Most of the equipment will also provide additional on the status of your character.

Officer is the final part of the system development in Sunless Sea¬†situs poker terbaik di indonesia which not only enhances the status of the character, but also provide their own storyline and missions. Background attractive and unique characteristics often be two important factors to make us like members of the party that you have in various RPGs like Dragon Age: Inquisition, for example, and it’s also realized very well in the Sunless Sea.

You will have many opportunities to meet with the various officers who not only has the status of a different character, but also on the background and characteristics. Starting from a talkative navigator until a mother from India by talking more “luxury” of the British nobility though. Often the interaction with the officer becomes a source of pleasure in the middle of a sea voyage in the dark without the sun.

Background and story of the officer is a good thing in my opinion, but the main story in the Sunless Sea is something much more interesting. As with many other adventure game genre, Sunless Sea presents a very good story, complete with intrigue and background caught my attention from the beginning to the end of the game session.

As explorers ocean, you will find a wide variety of interesting living creatures, from the wild boar that is able to speak the language very polite to a giant sea monster masquerading as a supply of floating on the sea. You will also find many islands inhabited by people (or other creatures) are interesting, of three brothers mysterious yet good-natured, until the colony for women who worship their gods by killing.

All aspects of Sunless Sea I mentioned above make this game as one of the adventure game rare that can make me sit in front of a laptop for hours in the middle of working hours, as well as a successful make Glenn joined forgot to do his job until my character drowned after his ship was hit by a giant crab that appear suddenly. Know that character will die many times, because death is part of the journey in the Sunless Sea.

I think just by reading my review above you already realize how exciting and pulled Sunless Sea for me. But of course it does not make this game escape from the complaint. As I mentioned above, Sunless Sea has a very interesting story, but nihilnya voice acting in the game is not just made my trip during Sunless Sea sailing in the more quiet, but also makes a lot of people who do not like to read directly lazy to play.

One more thing I regret a little bit is the number of experiments you have to do just to survive. This made me lose so much more character than they should, most died because I sailed to the wrong place, or trying to fight the sea monster that was much tougher than I had expected (that sank me with two strikes).

Two of the problems I faced is fortunately not nothing compared to the uniqueness and the thrill of sailing on the oceans which although often makes me depressed, it remains interesting enough to keep me playing. Sunless Sea is not an easy game, but as long as you do not really mind to much reading, adventure games this one is a diamond in the middle of a pile of games on Steam are increasingly resemble straw. Plus the prices are relatively cheap, it seems Sunless Sea is not to be missed.

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