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Super Time Force Ultra

Have you ever wondered how it feels to play multiplayer games but alone? Of course it is impossible to do, unless we have a time machine.

As it creates a time machine in the real world today seems quite impossible to do, the only solution to achieve this is to create a time machine in the game. That’s what Capybara Games managed to achieve through Super Time Force Ultra.

Super Time Force Ultra itself is actually a new version of Super Time Force that has been released exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One in May 2014. Many new things have been prepared Capybara for Super Time Force Ultra as characters both unique and exclusive to Steam or for the PS4 and PS Vita versions.

Roughly how the workings of the mechanism is very unique in this game? And whether the gameplay mechanism is just a gimmick alone or is a phenomenal part of Super Time Force Ultra? Find the answer below.

Super Time Force Ultra has an extremely ridiculous story with the quality of writing scripts that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Starting from the reasons you enter a level, existing dialogues between the characters, to the naming of the characters even if made with the intent to torture your stomach to cramp from laughing.

Of course to developer Capybara class that has produced quality games like Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, they will not just make up a story about time travel without having indonesia poker online to apply at all to the game. Playing with time is a major element of Super Time Force Ultra, and without the use guaranteed you will not be able to complete the first level of this game though.

As a member of T.I.M.E. which is an organization of “protective” confusion of time, you should change histories for personal gain your boss called Commander Repeatski. Some of the mission, among others, is to save the dinosaurs from extinction since the dinosaurs were cool or go into the future to steal all the updates available on the internet from the office Googloplex.

In Super Time Force Ultra you will be presented with eight times, each of which consists of four levels. Every era has its design and enemy attacks are adapted to the era of the background.

You will be provided throughout the one minute time to finish a level which obviously takes longer than that. Fortunately you will also be given the opportunity to postpone as much as thirty times. This opportunity can you add to collect several objects scattered on the level.

Besides only provided one minute, your character will only have one life only. So, once you attack the enemy, then the character will die. With numerous and powerful enemies scattered in the level, it makes the challenge of Super Time Force Ultra harder again. This is where the ability to return back time to shine, because repeated death is only a small piece of Web Alternatif Pokerclub88 the overall gameplay Super Time Force.

Surely death ever happen to you is not going to be something in vain. Each time you rewind time, the character you control in an earlier time will still appear as a shadow, and the damage they do will still have an impact. It means that the more you rewind time, the more crowded the screen also with explosions and destruction.

In theory this may sound confusing, but once put into practice … well it is still confusing the heck. With a feature like this, things very unique can happen, from the time that the remaining six seconds to defeat the boss that is difficult, or full feeling excited because of the limited number of repetitions when you though die many times is normal ,

The combination of gameplay with the tempo is so fast but requires the setting of this strategy makes Super Time Force Ultra into an odd experience a combination of action, puzzle, and platformer.

Other interesting things from Super Time Force Ultra is the number of ways to accomplish the mission. Of course, a very wide choice can be realized thanks to the many choices of characters you can play. Characters exist not only has a name and a unique appearancecara curang bermain poker online indonesia, but also has a mode of action different.

Ranging from the fight with projectiles that can ricochet and through walls, characters that react with thera bullets scattered to all corners of the level, figures stocky with a physical attack is very strong, nor a secret character with a fighting style that is only suitable for use in moments of specific only.

In Super Time Force Ultra, Capybara also presents a confidential and exclusive character that is not a mere gimmick, but it also presents new gameplay.

Examples such as the PlayStation version of the presence of Sir Galahad of The Order: 1886 Stranger from Journey, as well as who is the boss Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide. Meanwhile, if you play this game on Steam, you will have the opportunity to play as Pyro and Saxton Hale of Team Fortress 2, or as Zoey from Left 4 Dead.

Level design quality, unique gameplay mechanism and nice, and the variation of the ranks of the existing character obviously makes Super Time Force Ultra become one of the best gaming experiences of the year.

Graphics from Super Time Force Ultra carries the force of pixels that it has become the hallmark of Capybara. Selection of colors are very bright and interesting to make a point of pixels on the screen look so beautiful and cool.

Starting from the form of the characters, the animation, the effects of the weapon, and so forth, all made with so conscientious and qualified. Did not mean to exaggerate, but if asked pixels bergrafis game what looks nicest, I would not hesitate to answer Ultra Super Time Force.

This game also presents a cool effect time control. When you forward or rewind time, the screen will show the effects of opaque like when you speed up what is displayed on the VHS video technology many years ago.

Flavor-it does not need more things that are discussed in terms of visuals of this game. If you’re curious about how good the graphics of Super Time Force Ultra, just enjoy a collection of screenshots in this review.

Super Time Force Ultra is a game that is very fantastic. With a very creative gameplay mechanism, the game is able to present an exceptional experience. Neither the ability of thinking and dexterity of the hand will be severely tested when it acts to disrupt history in the past or in the future.

Super Time Force Ultra is available for the PS4, PS Vita, and PC. There was also a Super Time Force is available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you have any of these platforms, do not need to think long-term, get Super Time Force Ultra now and be prepared to be a hero ridiculous with great responsibility that used arbitrarily.

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